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The Five Most Interesting MVP Candidates in the NBA

The All-Star break is officially here, which means the MVP race is on. We make the cases for and against the top nominees heading into the season’s final stretch.

‘The Flat Circle’ (Ep. 7): What Is Hoyt’s Role in the Crime?

Our ‘True Detective’ aftershow is here to break down everything you need to know about Episode 7: "The Final Country"

Who Done It? Breaking Down the Seventh Episode of ‘True Detective’

Taking a look at the Hoyt Family and the power of institutions

The Winners and Losers of All-Star Saturday Night

Hamidou Diallo saved an otherwise lackluster dunk contest, while the Currys and Kemba Walker had different experiences as All-Star hosts in Charlotte

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Bob Arum on Ali’s GOAT-ness, Hagler-Hearns, Evel Knievel, and Battling Don King

Bill is joined by legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum to discuss his unorthodox start in boxing and much more

‘The Corner 3’: Early Returns on the Eastern Conference Arms Race

Plus, Pelicans talk with Arcade Fire’s Win Butler

An Exhaustive Breakdown of Duke’s Historic Comeback

The guys break down the Blue Devils’ impressive win Tuesday against Louisville

The Case for a ‘Black Panther’ Best Picture Win and a Conversation With Nominee Ruth E. Carter

Micah Peters and Rob Harvilla join the show to make the case for why ‘Black Panther’ transcends the Marvel Cinematic Universe and should be taken more seriously as a Best Picture nominee

Breaking Down ‘Abducted in Plain Sight’

We analyze the kidnappings, interviews, and most unbelievable moments of the Netflix documentary

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17 Questions About ‘Alita: Battle Angel’

So hold on, this cyborg with giant eyes is awesome at a futuristic sport called Motorball? And her "dad" is Christoph Waltz? And she has a boyfriend?

There’s (Almost) No Such Thing As a Top Pitching Prospect

Injuries, changes in pitcher usage, and a heightened awareness of prospect-success rates have shifted the way talent evaluators view the best up-and-coming arms in baseball

The Unbelievability of Zion Williamson

Here’s why the Duke superstar’s feats are becoming comparable to athletes like Bo Jackson and Steph Curry

“It Was All About Money”: An Oral History of the 1998-99 NBA Lockout

Part 1 of the inside story of one of the most bitter and bizarre labor disputes in sports history

Colin Kaepernick Has Settled His Collusion Case Against the NFL

The former 49ers quarterback and his ex-teammate Eric Reid have agreed to withdraw their grievances against the league for the response to their 2016 protests against racial injustice and police brutality

Dell Demps Is Gone, but the Pelicans’ Tumult Is Far From Over

Owner Gayle Benson made a bold statement by ousting New Orleans’ longtime GM. But many questions await before the franchise can finally turn the page on the Anthony Davis era.

What Was the Worst NBA Slam Dunk Contest Attempt of All Time?

The dunk contest us has brought us memorable acts of creativity and athleticism. It has also brought equally memorable failures. Let’s determine which attempt is the worst in the competition’s history.

Five Things to Look Forward to During NBA All-Star Weekend

From a sibling rivalry in the 3-point contest to literally everything LeBron James does, the festivities in Charlotte won’t be lacking in intrigue

Amazon Is Ditching New York City Because It Got Burned by Its Own HQ2 Game Show

The tech giant’s competition to find its second headquarters was always designed to have one winner: Amazon. Thursday’s news shows that it wasn’t prepared for the backlash to its disingenuous approach.

‘Lorena’ and the “What Were We Thinking?” Reappraisals of ’90s News

The Amazon docuseries revisits the headline-grabbing Bobbitt case—and finds, once again, that our culture got it all wrong

Denver Started This Game of QB Musical Chairs. Who Will Be Left Standing?

News of the Broncos’ expected trade for Joe Flacco highlights a weird reality for this NFL offseason: There are more available quarterbacks than available gigs around the league

The Best Picture Championship Belt

The Academy Awards happen every year, but they don’t always crown a classic. So we decided to look at the reigning champs throughout the past 50 years of Oscars history and decide what really deserved to reign.

Make the Case: There’s No ‘The Favourite’ Without Emma Stone

Her performance as Abigail is unconventional, slapstick, surprisingly modern—and the true definition of a Supporting Actress

‘Happy Death Day 2U’ and the Danger of Explaining the Bit

‘Happy Death Day’ was a box office hit and a delightful blast of teen horror comedy in the vein of ‘Scream.’ Its sequel is an unfortunate example of what happens when a wonderful stand-alone movie gets franchised.

The Infinite Radness of Pavement’s Breakthrough Album

On the 25th anniversary of their landmark sophomore album, ‘Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain,’ members of the quintessential ’90s indie-rock band reflect on their big moment, their defining music video, and that silly little beef with an alt-rock icon. Was it a crisis or a boring change?

The Best In-House Upgrades That Can Swing the NBA’s Stretch Run

What trade deadline? Players like Isaiah Thomas, Gordon Hayward, and Andre Roberson can all give their teams late pushes just by getting back to their former levels.

LeBron and Luka Have What They Need to Succeed After the All-Star Break

The Lakers didn’t strike gold with Anthony Davis, but their deadline moves gave them a proven structure around James. The Mavs, on the other hand, handed the reins to their Wonder Boy. Will their plans work?

Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, and the Return of Celebrity Purity Culture

The couple recently announced that they waited until marriage to have sex. Their disclosure is part of a long history of celebrities endorsing abstinence.

Who Is Ken Jeong’s Netflix Comedy Special For?

The doctor-turned-comedian’s ‘You Complete Me, Ho’ recycles many of the same stereotypical Asian jokes that made him famous. Why are we still laughing?

Welcome to The Ringer’s 2019 NFL Draft Guide

Kyler Murray is officially pursuing an NFL career. Find out where we rank him and 31 other prospects for the first round in April.

Pascal Siakam Isn’t the MVP Right Now, but He Might Be in a Few Years

The forward has been the Toronto Raptors’ ace in the hole and could be the face of the franchise’s future

Alien Singer, Injury Attorney: This Week’s Masked Singer Is ...

Why is J.B. Smoove here? Why is a man reading a bedtime story to the Monster? And who is the Monster?

Assessing the John Elway School of Broncos QB Decisions

Denver has a tall new quarterback to get behind. Will Joe Flacco follow in the footsteps of Peyton Manning … or Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, and Case Keenum?

The 2019 NBA Trade Value Rankings 2.0

Welcome back to Bill Simmons’s definitive ranking of NBA assets.

What Would the World Look Like Without the Beatles?

Danny Boyle’s latest film, ‘Yesterday,’ is forcing the Ringer staff to ask some deeply disturbing questions

Dunking It With ‘Winging It’: A Dunk Breakdown With Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore

Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore of the Atlanta Hawks and The Ringer’s ‘Winging It’ podcast break down some of the biggest poster dunks and most brutal missed dunks in NBA history

The Wall Is Dead, Long Live the Fence: How Trump Lost His Signature Battle

The president campaigned on a U.S.-Mexico border wall paid for by the Mexican government. He didn’t get it. How did he fail so badly?

The Long Shadow of the True-Crime TV Movie

Before ‘American Crime Story’ and ‘Serial,’ streaming platforms and social media, sensational news stories made their way onto television as network original movies. Budgets, production values, and even true-crime ethics have evolved since the ’90s—but is the formula all that different?

Make the Case: Why “When a Cowboy …” Should Win the Oscar for Best Original Song

The Old West ode from the Coen brothers’ Netflix movie is a perfect circle

Ja Morant’s Murray State Mixtape Tour Is a College Basketball Miracle

The projected top-five draft pick will soon have to prove his mettle against NBA-caliber competition. For the next few weeks, let’s enjoy watching him dunk all over Ohio Valley Conference randos.

Wandering Eye: What China’s Biggest Sci-Fi Movie Yet Could Mean for Hollywood

After a record-breaking opening week, ‘The Wandering Earth’ could jump-start a wave of domestic blockbusters in the world’s second-largest market. Does that change the calculus for Western studios?

Steph Curry on the Evolution of Steph Curry

His stroke changed the game of basketball, but the Warriors star’s ability to turn weakness into strength has vaulted him up the list of the greatest players of all time. Curry discusses how he rounded out his historic game ahead of his return to Charlotte for the 2019 All-Star Game.