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The Shocking Death and Grotesque Rebirth of Conservative Media

In 2018, the right-wing media landscape is more robust and more competitive than ever before. But there are casualties.

Gritty the Meme, Gritty the Messenger, Gritty the Messianic

The Philadelphia Flyers’ sensation-causing mascot is a weird and scary avatar for a weird and scary time. The seven-foot-tall orange monster didn’t just put one city in touch with its identity: In mere months, he’s become all things to all people.

What the Schedule Can Tell Us About Who’s Real in the NBA

The standings aren’t giving you the full picture. Here are the teams being helped, or hurt, by their strength of schedule so far.

The Best Memes of 2018

We’re riding our American Choppers to the Tide Pod factory to do surgery on some grapes

The Ringer Podcast Network

Sports. Pop Culture. Podcasts.

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Kathryn Hahn on the Harden Trade and ‘Step Brothers’

Plus, Shea Serrano joins to talk about NBA Michelin ratings and the mediocre Spurs

Todd McShay on the 2019 NFL Draft Class

He stops by to discuss next year’s very defense-heavy NFL draft class. Plus, making a ruling on Kirk Cousins.

The Best Things I Ate This Year With Danny Chau, Plus Vegan Holiday Spreads and Sandwich Thieves With Justin Sayles

Plus, Juliet Litman stops by for Food News

‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,’ Ch. 26-28

Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion continue their journey through the Potterverse by examining the theme of commitment

Lombardi’s Week 15 Watch List and the Dannys’ Last-Second Fantasy Advice

Plus, this weekend’s top five matchups

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The Great NFL Heist: How Fox Paid for and Changed Football Forever

An oral history of the most important deal in sports TV history, when Rupert Murdoch and Fox stole the NFL and John Madden out from under the Big Three networks, created the modern pregame show, invented a new way to see football, and launched a television empire

The Hell That Lars von Trier Built

The controversial director’s new film, ‘The House That Jack Built,’ is the summation of a career built on antagonizing and torturing audiences with his brutal vision of the world. But it’s also his most human, and that’s the paradox of all of his work.

The Bulls May Not Pay Jabari Parker to Not Play Defense Much Longer

The former no. 2 overall pick will reportedly be dropped from Chicago’s rotation only 29 games after signing a lucrative free-agent deal

Stock Watch: Which Way Are the NFL’s First-Year Head Coaches Trending?

Seven coaches are wrapping up their first seasons at the helm of their respective teams, and while some of them have found success — like Matt Nagy in Chicago and Frank Reich in Indianapolis — others have been … Jon Gruden

Stacey Abrams Is Still Fighting for Fair Elections

She lost a high-profile gubernatorial race in Georgia, but became a spokesperson for the ongoing threat of voter suppression. The 2018 campaign was not her last.

Even the Giants Can’t Mess Up Saquon Barkley

The running back’s phenomenal rookie season has made two things clear: He was worth the no. 2 overall draft pick, and the Giants keep using him all wrong

‘Roma’ Is a Masterpiece That Everyone Should See

It doesn’t matter how you see it; Alfonso Cuarón’s latest is a movie that turns you inside out, revealing a personal story on a grand scale

‘Into the Spider-Verse’ Is a Perfect Spider-Man Movie

The latest Spidey film reshapes a familiar story into one of the best animated features of the year—and one of the best superhero movies ever made

The Best Moments of 2018

Relive this year’s memorable highlights

The Vikings Have a Lot to Fix and Not Much Time to Do It

What happened to Minnesota’s offense? New offensive coordinator John DeFilippo and quarterback Kirk Cousins were supposed to put the team over the top, but now DeFilippo is out and Cousins is struggling. And there is no one place to pin the blame.

Blind Item Revealed: How a Scorned Form of Gossip Changed Hollywood

For decades, blind items—unsourced, name-free gossip reports—were considered the lowest rung of celebrity journalism. In the post-Weinstein era, they can launch blockbuster investigations. What happens when a powerful whisper network goes (somewhat) public?

How Kenny Beats Became the Hottest Rap Producer on the Planet

A former EDM producer from Connecticut emerged from relative obscurity to create some of 2018’s most exciting hip-hop, including projects from left-field faves like Key!, Freddie Gibbs, and Vince Staples

The Chargers May Have Upended the AFC Hierarchy With a Two-Point Conversion

Los Angeles stole a win from Kansas City with a late comeback on Thursday—and in the process, they changed the complexion of the race for the no. 1 seed

Presenting the Debut Episode of ‘This Is Buss’

Basketball is real. Basketball is love. Basketball is … life.

Lost at Sea With the Property Brothers and Their Legion of Superfans

Jonathan and Drew Scott, HGTV’s twin tandem, have built a home improvement empire, and garnered enough devotion to compel hundreds of people to set sail with them across the Caribbean

The Raptors Are Really for Real This Time

Toronto looks like the best team in the NBA. Will this postseason be different for the league’s tortured Northern hub?

Pusha-T Remains an Enigma After His Biggest Year Yet

Everyone’s favorite coke rapper delivered an instant classic album and the most scathing diss of 2018 while brushing off the mainstream as it came calling for him

2018 TV Superlatives

The best twists, the best shirts, the biggest flex, the best cult member, and all the rest of the greatest, worst, and most from the year in television

The 10 Best Things I Ate in 2018

From Korean comfort food to a Puerto Rican sandwich classic, from Chicago to Los Angeles, the most exciting food experiences were also the most comforting

By Extending Spencer Dinwiddie, the Nets Show They’re Ready to Commit to Right Now

Ahead of a big free-agency summer, Brooklyn inked their backup point guard to a three-year extension, indicating the franchise is ready to cut some checks to compete

The Magical Thinking of the Far Right

What is behind the relationship between far-right movements and the images and symbols of the occult?

Philly Not So Special: If Carson Wentz Sits, Don’t Expect Another Nick Foles Miracle

The Eagles’ starter could be shut down for the season with a fractured vertebra. But despite the surface similarities to the team’s situation last season, the reigning Super Bowl MVP would inherit an entirely different squad.

The Ringer’s All-2018 Team

Who defined our year in sports, pop culture, and more?

It’s Time for Deandre Ayton to Lift the Suns Out of the Abyss

Phoenix’s nightmarish start to the season has led to some drafter’s remorse, but it’s too late for that now. The team has a blueprint to follow with its talented no. 1 pick. He just needs to hold up his end of the bargain.

The Ringer’s 45 Favorite Sports Moments of 2018

From the Philly Special to UMBC’s upset to whatever J.R. Smith did in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, here are the sports moments that defined our year

Samin Nosrat Believes in You. (Even If You Oversalt.)

The author and star of Netflix’s ‘Salt Fat Acid Heat’ talks about food TV, cooking skills, comfort recipes, and the lessons of her breakout year

LeBron James Is Still the NBA’s Biggest Agent of Change

Eight years ago, the King’s landmark ‘Decision’ established a new paradigm for both competition and player movement. Now, a new crop of stars are trying to push for a new ideal—but LeBron’s westward expansion proves he’s still the standard bearer.

Reed Hastings and Netflix Upended Hollywood. But Is His Model Built to Stay on Top?

The Netflix CEO makes few day-to-day content decisions, but his company has reshaped how we watch TV all the same. Now he faces a new kind of challenge: staying ahead as his service’s most culturally ubiquitous shows fade away.

Does Brandon Ingram Have a Place on LeBron James’s Lakers?

The third-year wing was supposed to have a breakout season playing next to the King, but he’s proved incompatible as a complementary player. If the Lakers are hoping to maximize LeBron’s prime, they might be forced to explore the market.

The Lifespan of the NFL’s Coordinator-of-the-Moment Is Shorter Than Ever

John DeFilippo entered the season as one of the most exciting offensive minds in football. Now, he’s been fired by the Vikings and will serve as a cautionary tale around the league. As DeFilippo has fallen, Freddie Kitchens has climbed the ladder in Cleveland, and his rise shows that as long as there’s new talent out there, teams will continue to chase it.

Tennessee’s Admiral Schofield and Grant Williams Are a Match Made in College Basketball Heaven

No team in the country has a duo with as much physicality, skill, and experience as the Volunteers. Their win over no. 1 Gonzaga is the surest sign yet that Schofield and Williams can lead them to a deep March run.

The Next Great Chess Boom Is Here

The unpredictable champion Magnus Carlsen and a YouTube-trained, Twitch-streaming generation of young fans has revived one of our oldest games. Is chess itself ready for a digital wave? And has the way we perceive it changed?