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Burning NBA Questions With Zach Lowe

Will the Nets be good? Could the Nuggets be a 1-seed?

‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 7 Discussion and Thoughts

Dave, Neil, and Joanna discuss the lighting controversy and the TV settings you should use to have the best viewing experience

Bill Simmons on Aaron Judge, How Baseball Ruined Itself, and the Joy of Debating Sports Records

Derek Thompson and Bill Simmons talk about MLB history, the joy of debating records, how baseball ruined itself, and who’s really baseball’s home run king

Preseason NBA Power Rankings, Part 2

Justin, Rob, and Wos discuss teams ranked no. 22 to no. 15

‘Survivor’ Season 43, Episode 3

Tyson and Riley are joined by Gervase Peterson—a member of the inaugural season of ‘Survivor’—to talk about the pros and cons of the "Beware Advantage," the Vesi tribe’s struggles, and what they think of Season 43 so far

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Netflix Is Roaring Back in the Streaming Wars

‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ may be controversial, but it’s undoubtedly bringing eyeballs back to the streaming service

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The Secret to Sandy Alcantara’s Throwback, Probable Cy Young Season

The Marlins ace has used a unique pitch mix to keep batters off balance and go far deeper into games than any other arm

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‘Andor’ Does More (For the ‘Star Wars’ Universe) With Less

Even as it illuminates Cassian’s backstory, the latest ‘Star Wars’ series expands beyond its namesake and avoids the pitfalls of past prequels and spinoffs

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The Ringer’s NFL QB Rankings, Week 5

Matthew Stafford isn’t looking so hot, but the player he replaced is putting up impressive numbers in Detroit. Plus: Where does Kenny Pickett debut?

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The Art of Aging Gracefully, Featuring Toni Kroos

A player’s transition into their older years is as much about acceptance as it is transformation

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Jalen Hurts Has Everything Working for the Eagles

The question is, how long will that last? Philadelphia is running an offense so RPO-heavy that it would look more at home in the Big 12 than the NFL. Is Hurts good enough to keep that from becoming a problem?

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How “Jeremy” Reshaped Culture—and Pearl Jam in the Process

In an excerpt from his new book, ‘Long Road: Pearl Jam and the Soundtrack of a Generation,’ author Steven Hyden looks at the band’s breakthrough song and its lasting impact


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Aemond Finally Gets His Dragon

Joanna and Mal discuss Vhagar and her new rider

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Forever Fighting Spirit: Antonio Inoki’s Five Best Matches

A look at the legend’s strong style and iconic legacy through five battles

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Life As Lisa Simpson

For decades, Yeardley Smith has given voice to the precocious, impassioned second-grader of ‘The Simpsons.’ But heading into the show’s 34th season, she’s only recently fully embraced her animated counterpart.

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Joe Gaetjens, and America’s Accidental Emergence on the World Cup Stage

The ninth installment in ‘22 Goals’ involves an assembly of amateur American players who secured a shocking upset in 1950

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JJ breaks down Judge’s historic achievement and discusses its importance for baseball, the Yankees, and the Maris family

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The Gambler Who Conquered Vegas Golf

The most feared golfer in Las Vegas isn’t a PGA pro—he’s a professional gambler. Meet 69-year-old Richie Sklar, the man who made his millions on the course.

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Antonio Inoki Changed the World

The granite-jawed Japanese star sought to prove that pro wrestling was the strongest sport while remaking it in his image

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The Inscrutable Intensity of Zinedine Zidane’s Glare

The eighth installment in ‘22 Goals’ involves the 2006 World Cup final and a genius neatly skipping out of all the boxes we’d put him in

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In Defense of Pinhead and the Cenobites, the “Villains” of ‘Hellraiser’

With a reboot of the ’80s classic arriving on Hulu this week, here’s your reminder that the Cenobites are not slasher-film killers—just morally ambiguous sickos

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Could the Fed Break the World Economy?

Kyla Scanlon joins the show to talk about whether the Federal Reserve is accidentally triggering a series of diabolical domino effects that could screw up the global economy

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The ‘Great British Bake Off’ Hall of Fame

Ahead of the new season of the kindest, warmest reality TV competition ever created, we honor the many perfect humans who made an indelible mark during their time in the tent

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Freddie Gibbs Bet on Himself and Won

The Gary, Indiana, native talks about his career and his latest album and major label debut, ‘$oul $old $eparately’

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NFL Week 5 Power Rankings: Eagles Soar Into the Top Five

Jalen Hurts’s Eagles are the NFL’s lone undefeated team, but is that good enough for Philadelphia to unseat the AFC powers in our weekly power rankings?

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‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 7 Breakdown: V Is for Vhagar

A spoiler-free deep dive into "Driftmark," featuring an updated dragon dossier, speculation about the Velaryons’ next move, wedding details, and more

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The ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Trailer Unveils a Villain—and Perhaps a Hero Too

The latest look at Marvel’s upcoming conclusion to Phase 4 hints at how the movie will move on in the absence of Chadwick Boseman and King T’Challa

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The Dragons Are Too Damn Dark

I love to eat dinner in total darkness: Or, the ‘House of the Dragon’ viewing experience

Jonathan Tjarks, 1987-2022

The Ringer has lost a beloved member of its community

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What’s Going on With NFL Offenses?

The NFL’s best, most consistent offenses aren’t being run by Joe Burrow, Tom Brady, or Russell Wilson. Instead, they’re helmed by middle-of-the-pack passers with excellent run games. What does this mean for the rest of the season? And can those star-led teams get back on track?

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Chris Jericho Is the Champion Ring of Honor Needs

Elsewhere, Sami Zayn’s story gets interesting and Masha Slamovich takes Allie Katch to the limit

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Seven NBA Players Who Could Shape the 2022-23 Season

Which young stars and new additions could potentially swing the season? We examine the biggest X factors around the league as opening night approaches.

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Winners and Losers of NFL Week 4

From Patrick Mahomes’s brilliance to Trevor Lawrence’s fumbling issues, from a Double Doink in London to a bathroom break in Detroit—here are the NFL’s winners and losers from Week 4

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‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 7 Reactions

Chris Ryan, Mallory Rubin, and Joanna Robinson react to the latest episode of ‘House of the Dragon’

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‘House of the Dragon’ Chooses Sides

‘House of the Dragon’ was supposed to be a series without clear villains and heroes, but after Episode 7, it’s hard not to sympathize with one faction over the other

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‘Entergalactic’ Is a Creative Breakthrough for Kid Cudi

The Netflix rom-com is a charming joyride, and a sharp attitude adjustment for such a traditionally dreary artist

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In ‘She-Hulk,’ Toxic Fandom Becomes the Big Bad

As ‘She-Hulk’ builds up to its season finale, the series is making online harassers and review bombers the butt of its jokes