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NBA Hall of Famers, KD’s MVP Potential, and Messi vs. Ronaldo With Steve Nash

The NBA legend shares how he would fix American soccer

Coming October 1: ‘Halloween Unmasked’

The Ringer’s eight-part podcast series celebrates the remarkable and terrifying phenomenon of America’s most revolutionary horror film, ‘Halloween’

Christina Tosi of Milk Bar, Part 2 

For the second part of their conversation, Dave Chang and Tosi discuss the trials and tribulations of opening the first Milk Bar

Ethan Hawke Will ‘Blaze’ a Trail As a Director Too 

The actor joins Sean Fennessey to talk about ‘Blaze’

Cary Fukunaga Takes Over the Bond Franchise

Plus: a live performance from the Altons

all podcasts

Brett Kavanaugh and a Senate Judiciary Committee That Isn’t Built for Justice

The hearing room isn’t a courtroom. It’s a stage. That much has become clear after a dramatic series of events during Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination hearing. An account of attempted sexual assault has only heightened the hypocrisy.

NFL Watchability Rankings: Will This Be the Week Deshaun Watson Bounces Back?

The Texans quarterback lit up the league in his rookie campaign, but through two games this season, he’s been largely overlooked. This week, going up against a soft Giants defense, Watson will have a chance to get his shine back. Plus: your NFL Week 3 viewing guide.

‘MasterSports With Rodger Sherman’: The Turnover Chain

In the first episode of ‘MasterSports,’ Sherman provides us with a free sports lesson

The Best Frontcourt Duos in the Western Conference, Ranked

With the arrival of LeBron James, the West’s talent pool of big men is impossibly deep. But which team has the best tandem in the conference?

On the Margins: How Pitch-Framing Became More Important—and More Common—Than Ever

Catchers like Jorge Alfaro and Tyler Flowers have mastered backstop sleight of hand, giving their teams a better shot at winning. But the gap between them and their peers is shrinking by the season.

Best Case, Worst Case: New York Knicks

The no. 26 team in The Ringer’s preseason rankings has seemingly dedicated itself to a rebuild. But how long will their patience last?

Baker Mayfield Just Breathed Life Into the Browns

The no. 1 overall pick gave Cleveland its first win in more than 600 days while playing in relief of an injured Tyrod Taylor—and looking every bit the franchise savior he was promised to be

Three Reasons Why Michael B. Jordan Is Right to Play Tom Clancy’s John Clark

The proof is in the filmography

Jimmy Butler’s Trade Request Became a Hilarious Leaguewide Affair

In the final dog days of the NBA offseason, we got fireworks from all directions in response to the biggest news of the month

Going All In: An Oral History of ‘Rounders’

How two first-time screenwriters, a guy from Montana, and a pair of up-and-coming movie stars made the greatest poker movie ever

The Many Legacies of Gilda Radner

The new documentary ‘Love, Gilda’ traces the life of the legendary ‘SNL’ star, with the help of the many comedians she influenced

We Cannot Let Kyler Murray Stop Playing Football

The idea of the A’s top draft pick doubling as Oklahoma’s QB for a season once felt like a fun novelty. But now he’s emerged as a Heisman Trophy favorite. Can we raise enough money to convince Murray to stay in our football-watching lives?

The Pros (and One Glaring Con) of Hiring Cary Fukunaga to Direct ‘Bond 25’

The advantages of bringing in the director of ‘True Detective’ Season 1 and ‘Maniac’ are abundant and obvious—but the risk involved can’t be overstated

The Brockhampton Documentary Is for the Believers, Not the Skeptics

‘The Longest Summer in America’ covers a turbulent year during which the group expelled a founding member. The self-produced movie, like the band itself, is everything, all at once, as it is.

Everything You Need to Know About Week 3 of the 2018 NFL Season

The Ringer’s updates, analysis, and highlights from the third slate of regular-season games

Are Hosts, Replicants, and Robot Clones Closer Than We Think?

Science-fiction storytelling—from ‘Westworld’ and ‘Black Mirror’ to ‘Her’ and the new movie ‘Replicas’—has become obsessed with artificial intelligence’s relationship to immortality. But is the possibility of a digital afterlife more than just a fantasy?

Rap Devils: Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly and the State of White Rapperdom

Dissecting the Slim Shady–MGK beef and what it explains about being a white MC in 2018

The Face of the 2018 Season So Far Is … Ryan Fitzpatrick?

With Fitzpatrick under center, Tampa Bay is 2-0 and riding one of the most prolific offenses in the league. Has this early success been a flash in the pan? Or is there reason to believe Fitzmagic is here to stay?

A Good Man, and Thorough: The Genius of ‘The Big Lebowski’

It’s been 20 years, and the Coen brothers’ sly and hilarious homage to noir movies and detective novels hasn’t aged one bit. But that’s just, like, our opinion, man.

Fantasy Playbook: Which Surprise Out-of-Nowhere Stars Are Here to Stay?

Guys like Phillip Lindsay, Matt Breida, and Kenny Golladay have broken out this season. Will their production last?

The Best Frontcourt Duos in the Eastern Conference, Ranked

In a positionless NBA, there is greater diversity in the power forward and center positions than ever before. The 15 teams in the East are a good reflection of that. But which team’s duo reigns supreme?

The 34 People and Things That Will Define the 2018-19 NBA Season

Everything we think we know about this season before anything actually happens

Patrick deWitt Is Here for the Jokes

The acclaimed author behind the newly adapted novel ‘The Sisters Brothers’ likes when people compare his work to famous shows and films. But he doesn’t even own a TV.

Best Case, Worst Case: Chicago Bulls

The no. 27 team in The Ringer’s preseason rankings has a lot of mouths to feed on offense but no real pecking order. And it has one inexperienced guard to figure it all out. Not a great recipe for success.

What Happens Next With Jimmy Butler and the Wolves?

The All-Star reportedly wants out of Minnesota and three teams are rumored to be on a list of preferred destinations. But should the Knicks, Clippers, or Nets mess with the future to improve right now?

It’s Perfectly Fine That Maroon 5 Is Playing the Super Bowl

The halftime show isn’t ever cool or representative of broader American music tastes, anyway

Oh, Geez: Jimmy Butler Wants Out of Minnesota

The Timberwolves star has requested a trade, according to reports, and has Los Angeles and New York on his wish list

Light Work: The Rise of NBA Skills Trainers

With the help of social media, some private basketball trainers are using the exposure to become entrepreneurs, newsmakers, and even celebrities in their own right

The Magic of Space Drama Overcomes Everything That Should Ruin ‘The First’

Despite the presence of the odious Sean Penn and Beau Willimon’s history of producing shows with plenty of sizzle and very little steak, Hulu’s new drama makes for compelling television

What Disney’s Stand-alone Superhero Series Mean for the MCU

With limited series dedicated to Loki, Scarlet Witch, and maybe more headed to Disney’s upcoming streaming service, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get bigger, more detailed, and potentially more efficient

Norm Macdonald Has a Show, but Does It Have a Point?

You have to really like Macdonald to tolerate his new Netflix show, and beginning to love it absolutely requires already loving him

The NFL Is in the Midst of a Tie Epidemic

First it was the Steelers and Browns. Then it was the Vikings and Packers. Why are ties on the rise in the NFL?