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NBA Take Meter: The Stretch Run, Part 1

The takes are coming down the stretch. Part 1 of our late-season survey tackles the Lakers’ playoff odds, the MVP race, and the East’s new hierarchy.

Eminem Has Been America’s Nightmare for 20 Years

Two decades ago this weekend, rap’s most infamous bogeyman kicked off his reign with ‘The Slim Shady LP,’ his last album before money, fame, and the controversy that’s followed him since

The Ringer’s 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Big Board 1.0

Outside of Zion Williamson’s position at the very top of the class, there is little consensus in this year’s draft. Things will inevitably get weird come June, and weird is what our resident draftniks do best. Here are their 14 top prospects.

Will Bran Warg Into a Dragon and Shift the Balance of Power on ‘Game of Thrones’?

Heading into Season 8, the Three-Eyed Raven needs a new companion to slip his mind into. One of the show’s three dragons could be the perfect conduit for Bran to put his powers to use.

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Trading Antonio Brown, Donaghy Scandal 2.0, and the 2014 Five-Year Oscars

With Mallory Rubin, Kevin Clark, Sean Fennessey, and Chris Ryan

‘The Oscars Show’: The 2019 Oscar Narratives, Explained

Why does Netflix want an Oscar so badly? What happened to our beloved ‘A Star Is Born’?

The End of Sarri-ball and #EmeryOut? Plus CL Review

Nico Morales joins Donnie and Micah to discuss the Champions League round of 16 first legs, the mini-crises at Chelsea and Arsenal, and more

Dissecting the Latest Kardashian Scandal, Plus: a Meg Minute!

Juliet and Amanda discuss the news of Khloe splitting up with Tristan Thompson, the rude obituary for Lee Radziwill in the ‘New York Times,’ and more

Pace of Play Problems at the Genesis and WGC-Mexico Picks

Plus, Ringer golf correspondent Nathan Hubbard talks about his brother Mark’s first win on the Tour

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The Oscars: 24 Predictions and 24 Useful Observations

Picking Best Picture is the least of the Academy Awards’ problems in 2019

The Deceptive Simplicity of Netflix’s ‘Dating Around’

The streamer’s new dating show is relatively natural for the genre—but it makes for some fascinating case studies

Damian Lillard and the Trail Blazers Aren’t Here for Your Superteams

The Portland guard’s latest comments about player movement in the NBA perfectly illustrated his team’s existing philosophy: If you can’t add a third star, then lean into the dissent

Manny Machado Won’t Join the Chicago White Sox on Their Road to Nowhere

The South Siders mortgaged their future for an opportunity to land a marquee free agent. Missing out on Manny Machado is a disaster for a team that has little to show for its tanking efforts.

‘Black Panther’ and the Oscars’ Hindsight Awards | The Big Picture Oscars Preview

Sean Fennessey, Amanda Dobbins, Chris Ryan, Jason Concepcion, and Mallory Rubin discuss which mistakes the Academy will make at the Oscars this year

Follow the Path of Least Resistance: An Oral History of ‘Office Space’

Twenty years ago, an upstart animator named Mike Judge forever changed how we think about office culture, adulthood, red staplers, and Michael Bolton

After His ESPN Debut, What Will Ngannou Do Next?

Cormier? Lesnar? Jon Jones?

Meet the Padres, the Next Great Threat to the Dodgers

Tuesday’s news that San Diego has reportedly agreed to a deal with Manny Machado may have seemed out of character for the NL West also-rans, but the star infielder will augment a talented young roster that’s set for some big-time call-ups

Manny Machado’s Record Contract Is How MLB Free Agency Is Supposed to Work

After building from within, the Padres spent big for a player they couldn’t develop themselves. That’s the point. Unfortunately for fans and dozens of other free agents who took suboptimal deals or remain unsigned, many teams seem to have forgotten this.

What Can We Learn From Antonio Brown’s Nonstop Social Media Tour?

The wide receiver appears to be on his way out of Pittsburgh, but the digital trail he’s leaving behind can tell us a lot about his desires, his issues with his head coach and quarterback, and his self-anointed nickname

The Ringer’s 2019 NFL Draft Guide: It’s Officially Mock Draft Season

We’re projecting every 2019 first-round pick. Plus, our Big Board expands to 50 prospects with the combine right around the corner.

James Harden’s Point Streak Isn’t Enough to Carry the Rockets—and He Knows It

Houston has relied on Harden’s Herculean efforts to keep the team in the playoff mix. But now with Chris Paul back from injury and Clint Capela on the way, it’ll need to incorporate all of its pieces to make a real postseason run.

‘NBA Desktop’: NBA All-Star Weekend Bonanza

On a special All-Star edition, the crew heads to Charlotte. Jason discusses Michael Jordan’s jeans, partakes in a push-up contest, and witnesses a majestic Woj in the wild.

We Promise the Manny Machado–Padres Marriage Is a Good Thing

It might seem odd to celebrate the fact that the second-losingest franchise of the decade has won the Machado sweepstakes with a record 10-year, $300 million free-agent deal, but the future is bright in San Diego

Who Should Be the Next Batman?

Even though the rumors of Armie Hammer’s casting were quickly debunked, the stove is getting hotter. It’s time to put a system in place to pick the new Caped Crusader. We consider Stephan James, Trevante Rhodes, Lakeith Stanfield, John Boyega, and others.

“An Unmitigated Disaster”: An Oral History of the Lockout-Shortened 1999 NBA Season

Part 2: fist fights, the end of MJ, 8-seed Cinderellas, a four-point play heard round the world, and the dawning of a new age in the league

This Is Her: The Lost Past and Hopeful Future of Mandy Moore

In light of dark revelations about ex-husband Ryan Adams, the pop singer turned TV star has become a symbol of why some women in the music industry aren’t taken seriously. That could change now.

The NFL Silenced Colin Kaepernick but Did Not Break Him

The league negotiated an end to its fight with football’s most famous protester. But what does it mean for the movement Kaepernick inspired?

Will ‘Game of Thrones’ End With Daenerys Giving Birth?

Dany believes she can’t have children, but she and Jon are trying their best to disprove that theory. Is she destined to be only the Mother of Dragons, or will her child sit on the Iron Throne?

NFL Mock Draft: Should Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams Go No. 1?

The Cardinals are on the clock, and right now the top of the draft is in a dead heat

The Bulls Might Actually Have a Proper Rebuild on Their Hands

Chicago’s deadline acquisition of Otto Porter Jr. has already made a difference, but it has nothing to do with wins and losses and everything to do with finding the right complementary pieces for a young, structureless team

The Curious (Non-)Case of Jussie Smollett

The ‘Empire’ actor claimed he’d been assaulted and targeted in a vicious act of antigay violence. Then his story began to unravel. What’s happened since is a case study in reactionary culture, exposing the worst of every side.

An Ode to Opportunity: We’ll Miss You, Mars Rover

"My battery is low and it’s getting dark." OK, that wasn’t really the final message transmitted by NASA’s longest-lasting robot. But it’s a poignant way to remember a rover we came to know and love as it explored the Martian surface for the last 15 years.

The Top 25 NBA Players of the First 60ish Games

A ranking of the very best in the league nearly three-quarters of the way through the 2018-19 season

The History on the Line for LeBron’s Stretch Run

A postseason without LeBron James? It’s happened before, and it could happen again if the Lakers can’t make up ground over their final 25 games. Here’s what it would mean for James and his place in the record books.

Make the Case: The Greatest Transformation of the Year Belongs to Bradley Cooper

In ‘A Star Is Born,’ the writer-director-actor became Jackson Maine—making him most deserving of the Oscars’ Best Actor award

‘The Bachelor’ Recap: A Tag Team Match Unfolds

Plus, two bros slam some waters, another girl chooses to go home, and Colton ignores a dog

Chau Down: A Toronto Food Diary

How does a city with a negative wind chill come to feel like home to a native Angeleno? Our food correspondent returned to Toronto seeking clarity and curry goat roti on the hood of a Volkswagen hatchback.

Bradley Beal’s All-Star Recruiting Mission Sounded Impossible

The Wizards guard wanted to talk some players into coming to D.C., and it sounds like it went about how you’d expect

Make the Case: ‘First Man’ Deserves a Visual Effects Oscar

(And some more respect, while we’re at it)

The ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Exit Survey

One man. Nine questions. Too many eye-related thoughts to count.

Meet ‘Dave’: The Making of a (Fake) American President

How Ivan Reitman and Kevin Kline teamed up for an optimistic modern fairy tale about the most likable U.S. president of all time