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The Next NBA Team That Could Go Bold on the Trade Market

After missing out on Jimmy Butler, the Pelicans are still looking for help for Anthony Davis ahead of a franchise-defining summer

The Starting 11: The Ravens, Colts, and Redskins are Officially on Playoff Bubble Watch

While Baltimore and Indy made strides in the direction of the postseason on Sunday, Washington lost Alex Smith (and then signed … Mark Sanchez?). What do this week’s results mean for the playoff landscape?

The Most Underappreciated Movie Franchise of the Last 10 Years Is … ‘Twilight’?

The sparkly, kitschy vampire movies debuted 10 years ago, giving us two bona fide movie stars, a multimillion-dollar franchise, and a blueprint for how to market female-driven films to female audiences. Will we ever take the series seriously?

The ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ Exit Survey

Did that huge reveal violate canon? Is it possible to give Hot Dumbledore enough screen time? Are the beasts still fantastic? The Ringer’s magical creatures attempt to sail to clarity about the latest installment in the ‘Harry Potter’ wizarding world.

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The Cowboys, Thanksgiving, ‘Survivor Series,’ and Week 12 Lines With Cousin Sal

Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the surging Cowboys, Steelers-Jaguars, Bengals-Ravens, and the 2018 NFL playoff picture

The Alex Smith Ripple Effect

Plus: the Bears are starting to look like the 2017 Jaguars 2.0, and Lamar Jackson has sparked an exciting new era in Baltimore

Steve McQueen on ‘Widows’ and Reinventing the Heist Movie

The director stops by to discuss his new film starring Viola Davis

‘Corner 3’: Sophomore Surge or Sophomore Slump?

Plus: Jimmy Butler’s tight fit in Philadelphia and a look ahead at the weekend’s best games

‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ Movie

Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion continue their journey through the Potterverse by examining the first prequel film and its theme of secrets

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The Khalil Mack Trade Single-handedly Swung the NFC North

Led by another dominant showing from Mack, the Bears defense crushed the Vikings on Sunday. But will a star-studded defense be enough to help Chicago keep pace with the conference-juggernaut Rams and Saints?

Les Miles and Kansas Is a Perfectly Flawed College Football Union

The king of the press conference is back. The meme-generating, grass-eating former LSU coach has returned to helm the nation’s most downtrodden program. What can go wrong? A lot. Will it be fun? Absolutely.

The Wizards Don’t Have a Future. Can They Start Rebuilding?

Washington has put its entire roster on the trading block after a demoralizing start to the season, but Ernie Grunfeld’s poor planning might have locked the franchise into its current dysfunctional core

An Appreciation for Rams-Chiefs, Football at Its Finest

It’s the NFL’s dream matchup: MVP candidates, innovative offenses, and Super Bowl contenders. These teams are the future, and the rest of the league would be wise to follow suit.

The Hype/Concern Index: Why Is Kevin Durant in a Slump?

All the good, bad, and LeBron from around the NBA

The Best Heist Movies Since ‘Heat’

With the release of Steve McQueen’s ‘Widows,’ here’s a list of the best bank jobs from Michael Mann’s masterpiece to lesser-known jewels from the likes of David Mamet and Brian De Palma

The Winners and Losers of NFL Week 11

The Saints are so good they’re going for late fourth downs just because they’re bored. Plus: why Carolina’s failed two-point conversion was the right call, Blake Bortles’s continued struggles, and Lamar Jackson’s promising debut.

It’s Game Over. Duke Has Won the Battle for Our Attention.

We’re several months away from the Final Four, but there’s a clear winner in college basketball. The Blue Devils’ freshman core of Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett, Cam Reddish, and Tre Jones is the most exciting thing the sport has seen in years. It’s all we’re talking about, which is exactly the way Mike Krzyzewski wants it.

The Saints Can Beat You With Anyone and Week 11’s Game-Changing Plays

A new week, a new role player emerges for Drew Brees and the explosive New Orleans offense. Plus: The Jags’ QB woes are laid bare against the Steelers, Lamar Jackson is as elusive as advertised, and the Cowboys’ ground game finds its footing.

The ‘Widows’ Exit Survey

From Viola Davis’s magnetism to Daniel Kaluuya’s menace, from Colin Farrell’s accent to the dog performance of the year, the Ringer staff talks one of the best movies of 2018

The Five Defining Lines of William Goldman

The late screenwriter possessed a singular gift for crafting language that could stick in your head and live on forever

I Do Know Her: The Undying Diva Power of Mariah Carey

With a new album, Mariah continues one of the most successful yet underrated careers in pop music history

The Guy Behind Net Neutrality Wants to Break Up Facebook

In his new book, legal scholar Tim Wu traces the history of antitrust enforcement in the United States and illustrates how breaking up tech giants wouldn’t have seemed so radical in a different era

A World of Pain: The Definitive Ranking of Coen Brothers Movies

With the release of ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs,’ the Coens have continued one of the most prolific, essential streaks in movie history. Where does the latest stack up?

Give the Dog From ‘Widows’ an Oscar

In a movie full of terrific performances, a 15-pound West Highland white terrier still stands out

‘The Little Drummer Girl’ Gets John le Carré Right

Park Chan-wook’s AMC miniseries is a gripping spy thriller set in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict of the late ’70s. But what it says about the psychology of its characters transcends genre or time period.

Not a Movie, Not Quite a TV Show: ‘Escape at Dannemora’ and the Limited Series Limbo

When a project can be any length, on any platform, then … what is it, exactly?

Jimmy Butler, Le’Veon Bell, and the Season of the Holdout

Baseball analyst Bill James says that players are replaceable. This fall, stars across leagues have put that notion to the test. Their varying success has shown how much power individual players have—and provided a clearer template for how unions can work to shape the future of sports.

Anderson .Paak Remains Great, Even If ‘Oxnard’ Is Only Good

The singer’s major-label debut may not quite embody his full potential, but he’s still figuring out how far he can go

‘Narcos’ Finally Balances the Scales

Compelling characters have always been the series’ calling card, but with "Narcos: Mexico," the show has achieved true parity between good and evil for the first time

LeBron May Have Just Flipped His Switch Earlier Than Usual

James dropped 51 points in Miami on Sunday. The performance lifted the Lakers to the win, but is the young team worse off in the long run if it has to rely on LeBron this soon?

Lamar Jackson Gives the Ravens What They’ve Been Missing: Excitement

The rookie first-rounder looked better on the ground than he did throwing the ball in his pro debut on Sunday, but the early returns were promising

Box Office Bomb: The Short Life of Popcorn Prediction Markets

Once upon a time, box office futures could have changed Hollywood. And for two short days, they sort of did. But—in the midst of the financial crisis of 2008—lawmakers in Washington, D.C., had other ideas.

Alex Smith’s Leg Is Broken, Which Makes Washington’s Already Unlikely Playoff Push Even Harder

The team lost its quarterback to a gruesome injury in a loss to the Texans. Now, the rest of the Redskins will need to shoulder a heavier load to stay in front in the NFC East.

Four Ways the Warriors Can Get Their Groove Back

The champs are a bit of a mess right now. Here are a few friendly suggestions for how Golden State can get back on the title track.

In Memory of William Goldman, Who Explained Hollywood While Mastering It

The legendary screenwriter gave movie fans a portal to an otherwise unreachable world. His legacy is accessibility.

Is ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ Good? We Won’t Know Until ‘Beasts’ 3.

That’s a problem for the reveal-dependent movie and the ‘Harry Potter’ prequel franchise as a whole, because compelling fantasy can’t subsist only on the theories it inspires

The Rockets Have Righted Their Ship. What’s the Next Step?

After a nightmarish start to the season, Houston is back to .500. But to prevent history from repeating itself, the team might need stronger reinforcements.

The Grizzlies Don’t Care About Your High-Powered Offense

Memphis is thriving by playing lockdown defense and blending its vets with new additions

Three Feet From God: An Oral History of Nirvana ‘Unplugged’

Twenty-five years after the historic performance that became the band’s best-selling final album, we talked to producers, directors, musicians, and fans present for Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s greatest performance

Smashing Pumpkins Are Reunited, and It Feels So Good. Sort Of.

How Billy Corgan and Co. came together after 17 years for a massive tour and their first new album in two decades—and whether they’ve really healed the wounds that have kept them apart for so long

How Aura Photography Invaded Instagram

The colorful portraits that purport to reveal the energies of their subjects have migrated from hippie bookstores to your Explore tab. Is the trend just another internet fad or does it have any basis in science?