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There Is No Cavalry Coming for the Spurs

Life after Kawhi Leonard has been tough for San Antonio. They have been hit by the injury bug, fielded an uncharacteristically bad defense, and had to rely on role players to eat big minutes. Is mediocrity the new normal? Or can Coach Pop pull another rabbit out of the hat?

Chaos Theory: The Most Absurd NFL Playoff Scenarios Still Possible

Aaron Rodgers dragging Green Bay to the playoffs? Baker Mayfield on wild-card weekend? Mark Sanchez starting a playoff game? It’s all still on the table.

The Best Comebacks of 2018

From Jalen Hurts to ‘The Expanse,’ these are the rebirths that entertained us most this year

The MoviePass Hall of Fame

In honor of the films, people, and truly weird things we only saw this year because an app made it absurdly cheap to do so

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Kevin Durant on 2018 Surprises and Summer Plans

Bill also talks media dealings and Zion and Giannis with the NBA Finals MVP

Jimmy Butler on the Juiciest Detail From His Infamous Practice

JJ Redick and his new teammate also discuss perception vs. reality in Minnesota and Butler’s reputation

Raheem Sterling and an Alan Shearer AMA

Chris Ryan joins Donnie and Micah to discuss the Raheem Sterling racism incident before Alan Shearer joins to answer questions about the Premier League

Lombardi’s Week 14 Reactions

The Dolphins shock the Patriots (and the world)

‘The Mismatch’: LeBron Thought About the Knicks, but It Was All a (Pipe) Dream

Plus: the Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks continue to overperform behind their young stars

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Reed Hastings and Netflix Upended Hollywood. But Is His Model Built to Stay on Top?

The Netflix CEO makes few day-to-day content decisions, but his company has reshaped how we watch TV all the same. Now he faces a new kind of challenge: staying ahead as his service’s most culturally ubiquitous shows fade away.

Five Theories to Explain LeBron James’s “Here or the Garden” Comment

Did LeBron really consider signing with the Knicks? Let’s dissect everything his statement to Dwyane Wade could have meant.

The Saints Defense Is Good Again, and That Should Terrify the Rest of the NFL

After collapsing early in the year, New Orleans has put in a string of solid performances on the defensive side of the ball. That newfound balance could put the team over the top.

All It Took to Make LeBron King of New York Was a Sound Bite

This time, the Lakers star didn’t even need to be a free agent to hurt Knicks fans

The Ringer’s 45 Favorite Sports Moments of 2018

From the Philly Special to UMBC’s upset to whatever J.R. Smith did in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, here are the sports moments that defined our year

Kristen vs. Jimmy: The Most Villainous Moments From Episode 2 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 7

Two people are responsible for all of the cruel acts perpetrated in the second installment of the Bravo series—but which character was worse?

Steph Curry’s Uphill Battle for MVP

The Warriors star has been an unstoppable force on the court this season. But to win his third MVP award, he’ll have to overcome not only his competitors, but also his own missed time.

The Secret Detail of Jimmy Butler’s Infamous Timberwolves Practice

The newest 76er explains to JJ Redick when he asked for a trade, why he sat out the preseason, and how his scrimmage with the Timberwolves’ third string actually played out

For the Thunder, the Best Offense Is an Impenetrable Defense

With Paul George playing the best basketball of his career and a starting defensive unit with few weaknesses, the Thunder are proving they can win with or without Russell Westbrook. But can it last?

The Next Great Chess Boom Is Here

The unpredictable champion Magnus Carlsen and a YouTube-trained, Twitch-streaming generation of young fans has revived one of our oldest games. Is chess itself ready for a digital wave? And has the way we perceive it changed?

Jon Gruden’s 10-Year Plan for Total Domination

The Oakland Raiders fired general manager Reggie McKenzie on Monday, the latest step in the overhaul of the franchise under Gruden. He’s accumulated much in the way of decision-making power, money, job security, and draft picks—will he wield it wisely?

Tapping the Source: ‘Momentum Generation’ and ‘Minding the Gap’ are Profound Portraits of Friendship

These two 2018 documentaries—one about surfing, one about skateboarding—chronicle the ways in which shared obsession can bring people together and tear them apart

‘Vox Lux,’ ‘A Star Is Born,’ ‘Suspiria,’ and the Perils of Performing While Female

Three recent films interrogate the art, fame, and morals of women performers. They were also all directed by men.

Alex Ovechkin Showed Us What It Means to Be a Stanley Cup Champion

He did a keg stand with the cup and slept with it in his bed. No one enjoyed Washington’s championship more than its captain, who exorcised a decade of playoff disappointment with the most hilarious trophy celebration of 2018.

How Photo Booths Became a Thriving Business

Savvy entrepreneurs have revived the century-old nostalgia machine and made it a party staple

Why Depth Matters More Than Ever in the NBA

The arms race for star players may be more heated than ever, but teams like the Los Angeles Clippers are showing the value in quantity

“Charlie Don’t Surf!”: ‘Apocalypse Now’ and What Surfing Means to America

How Francis Ford Coppola and John Milius used the Vietnam War and surf culture to showcase dying American exceptionalism

The Year of the Horse

The world would be a better place if it was more full of horses. In movie theaters in 2018, we got just a tad closer to that utopia.

The ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ FAQ

With the movie coming out on Wednesday, it’s increasingly clear that this isn’t just trolling by Ryan Reynolds

Failure by Committee: The Case Against Harold Baines, Hall of Famer

The right fielder was tapped for Cooperstown on Sunday despite numbers that fall well short of the typical enshrinee’s. What would happen if we put in every player who performed at a similar level?

The Starting 11: The Bears and Ravens Proved That Defense Isn’t Dead Yet

While 2018 has been characterized by offensive explosions around the league, Chicago’s and Baltimore’s defenses showed on Sunday that even the league’s best offenses can be slowed.

How Ninja Rules the ‘Fortnite’ Generation

He leads a generation of obsessive, professional gamers who dominate YouTube and Twitch and reside in the commercial capital of the modern internet. And so his stardom now amounts to a long-term concern—for Ninja himself, for his fellow streamers, and for the web-tech giants who monetize the newest form of arts, sports, and celebrity.

Exit Interview: Buffalo Bills

A year after the Bills’ surprise playoff run, the team was sent packing in Week 14. The defense looks strong, and Josh Allen can run, but how can Buffalo get better for 2019?

Seven Signs That the Bulls Have Fallen Into Complete Disarray

Chicago players nearly threw a coup three games into the Jim Boylen era. Otherwise, things are going great.

Exit Interview: Arizona Cardinals

Now that it’s been eliminated from playoff contention, Arizona needs to focus on improving the worst offense in football

The Best Movies of 2018

Harlem. South Korea. Mexico City. Wakanda. The finest films of the year went everywhere and showed us a new way to live.

The 10 Best Horror Movies of 2018

From family trauma to Nazi zombies, this year’s scary movies ran the gamut from gross to grandiose

The Best Television Shows of 2018

Including ‘Succession,’ ‘Atlanta,’ and eight more shows that everyone (or at least two critics) can agree on

The Best Video Games of 2018

From big-ticket titles to indie darlings, these are the games that challenged, entertained, and captivated us throughout the year

The Best Albums of 2018

From rap to country to rock to classical and back to rap again, two Ringer staffers count down the top 10 albums of the year

The Best Songs of 2018

It’s been an odd, intoxicating year in singles. Before we say thank you, next—here are our 10 favorites.

The Best Performances of 2018

From Tom Cruise to Jodie Comer to the hot duck, this year was full of compelling acts