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Nikola Jokic and the Funky Bunch

Their center is their point guard. Their primary scorer sets screens like a big man. But in an era of superteams, the "funky" Denver Nuggets could eventually be among the most serious challengers to Golden State’s dynasty in the years ahead.

Home Is Where the Photo Booth Is: How Instagram Is Changing Our Living Spaces

The visual influence of the social network has moved from public events to curated "experiences" to … the living room

The Five Need-to-Know Facts About James Harden’s Face-Melting Scoring

The Houston Rockets star’s points binge is reaching historic heights. Here are the numbers that tell the tale of one of the most thrilling rides in recent NBA history.

Subtraction, but No Additions: The New-Look ‘Conan’ Will Get Better If It Gets Weirder

Conan O’Brien debuted his new pared-down, half-hour show on Tuesday, but the immediate returns don’t point to the format-busting revolution we were promised

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on How to Reform the Platform

He and Bill also discuss new technologies, the birth of the hashtag, and NBA Twitter

Oscar Nominations: What We Know and What We Don’t

Is ‘Roma’ the new favorite? Is ‘A Star Is Born’ doomed? And why couldn’t the Academy get it together for Ethan Hawke?

Alive Girl: The Jeff Bezos Saga

Plus, Cardi B is being vocal about her political beliefs

The Rocky Mountain Top of the Rankings, Duke-Virginia Thoughts, and Cutting It Up With Brad Davison

"Buzzcut" Brad Davison joins Titus and Tate to discuss Big Ten basketball, charges, and more

Chelsea, Spurs, and Leeds: Crisis or Precrisis?

Donnie and Micah discuss recent news in the Premier League, the Leeds Spygate controversy, and much more

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‘The Wizrd’ Lingers on Future’s Inescapable Past

On his new album and accompanying documentary, the Atlanta rapper looks back on a decade of wreaking havoc. The result is further proof that he is one of the most consistent and influential artists of this decade.

11 Solutions to Fix NFL Overtime Once and for All

The most exciting player in football didn’t touch the ball in the extra period of Sunday’s AFC championship game. That’s a problem, so let’s look at our options.

Serena Williams’s Australian Open Comes to an Abrupt, Bizarre End

Her quarterfinal matchup with Karolina Pliskova featured a foot fault, an undiagnosed maybe-injury, and an epic comeback

Go for It: Sean McVay’s Achilles’ Heel Is His Fourth-Down Decision-Making

The Rams head coach is known as an X’s and O’s wunderkind, but the one situation he’s most conservative in could prove crucial going up against Bill Belichick and the Patriots

Masters of Some: The Rise of Superutility MLB Players

As bullpens swell and benches shrink, teams are looking for more productive players who moonlight at many positions—not just by necessity, but by design

Men Say Bryan Singer Sexually Assaulted Them As Minors

The survivors detailed their experiences with the director in a story published in The Atlantic on Wednesday

‘Punisher’ Season 2 Is a Relic of Marvel’s Failures on Netflix

As the collaboration comes to a seeming end, the latest entry into the franchise has all the glaring flaws of its predecessors

Tears of the Clowns: On Peter Farrelly and Adam McKay’s Pivots to Drama

They are responsible for some of the biggest laugh riots of the past 30 years. Recently, they’ve trained their eyes toward more dramatic fare with ‘Vice’ and ‘Green Book,’ and the Academy is taking note. But the prestige films of these two class clowns have some serious differences.

Kyrie Irving’s Relationship With LeBron Has Come Full Circle

And after an offseason in which no one seemed to want to join up with James, the player who left him is publically reevaluating their dynamic

The 2019 Class Sets a New, Modern Template for the Baseball Hall of Fame

The struggle over how to write baseball history is ongoing, but the inductions of Mariano Rivera, Edgar Martínez, Roy Halladay, and Mike Mussina signals that the sport has at least reached a turning point in understanding how the game has changed

The Fight Over the Future of Football Has Become a Battle for California’s Soul

California has long been known as a hotbed of football talent. Yet as research into the game’s dangers has spread, politicians, advocates, and parents have clashed over how to protect youth, high school, and college athletes. What happens to a state intractably divided by sport?

The Best Picture Race Just Got a Lot More Interesting

Tuesday’s Oscar nominations were good for ‘Roma’ and ‘The Favourite’—and anyone who likes suspense

What the Oscar Nominations Mean for ‘Roma,’ ‘Green Book,’ and the Popular Film Debate

Amanda Dobbins and Chris Ryan break down the 2019 Oscar nominations and narratives

The Warriors Are Winning Klay’s Way

Golden State’s quietest shooter caught fire again, making his first 10 3-pointers and leading the team to its eighth-straight win in a blowout of the Lakers on Monday

DeMarcus Cousins Is Approaching Light Speed

On a two-game road trip to Los Angeles, Boogie, his coaches, and his teammates talk about how he’s been adjusting to his role on the NBA’s most imposing team

Ego Tripping Through the NBA

The era of the superteam has brought with it some supersize personality-management issues. For the Sixers, Warriors, Heat, Celtics, and other franchises, what happens in the locker room between players can dictate success as much as X’s and O’s.

There’s No Excuse for the Dodgers’ Disappointing Offseason

L.A.’s decision to trade Yasiel Puig didn’t make sense, and nothing the team has done since has, either. It’s not too late to sign Bryce Harper, trade for Corey Kluber, and fix this strangeness, but at the moment, the Dodgers seem content not to improve.

In a Crowded Field of Presidential Hopefuls, Democrats Search for a 2020 Platform

California Senator Kamala Harris added her name to a growing field of contenders in a campaign that will become a forum for the country’s polarized arguments about diversity and identity politics

“This Was Like Someone Had Stabbed You in the Back”: Scenes From New Orleans After the No-Call

Two years, two straight devastating Saints playoff losses. New Orleans’s reaction to Sunday’s stunner was different than it’d been a year earlier, all while embodying the qualities that set this NFL fan base apart.

Jingles All the Way

The Jazz are back on track, and they have Joe Ingles to thank for it. Here’s why Utah should build around its slow Australian with a receding hairline.

Bad News, Gumshoes: Carmen Sandiego Is No Longer a Villain

Netflix’s cartoon reboot of the world-traveling franchise reimagines yesteryear’s super-thief as a museum-loving Robin Hood

‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Pirates, Antiques, and Feats of Strength

Caelynn and Hannah B. continue to undermine one another, Caitlin pulls a limo, and Katie shows us all how to chug champagne

Bill Simmons’s NBA Trade Value Rankings 2018-19

After a three-year layoff, Bill Simmons’s ranking of the NBA’s most valuable assets has finally returned. Who’s on top? And who got stuck with an honorable mention?

The Starting 11: The Chiefs’ Loss Was Heartbreaking, but the Saints’ Was Devastating

Kansas City had plenty of chances to win against the Patriots, and with Patrick Mahomes II under center, they’ll have plenty more. New Orleans and Drew Brees, though, face a much less certain future.

A Blown Call in the NFC Championship Game Exposed the NFL’s Officiating Crisis

The fallout will affect the legacies of several players and coaches, and it shines a light on a problem the league has been negligent in addressing for far too long.

Did Todd Gurley Lose His Job to a Street Free Agent?

The reigning Offensive Player of the Year was out-snapped and outplayed by C.J. Anderson in Sunday’s NFC championship game. He says it wasn’t because of his health, so what happened?

The Pelicans Are About to Get a Sneak Peek at Life Without Anthony Davis

Based on the numbers, it probably won’t look very good

Picking the 2019 NBA All-Star Teams

Who should start (spoiler: not LeBron James), who should get a reserve spot, and why the league’s selection process is long overdue for a change

Past Made Present: The Patriots Dynasty Still Owns the AFC

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick followed an all-too-familiar blueprint to outlast the Patrick Mahomes II–led Chiefs and earn another trip to the Super Bowl

America Has Been Waiting for Frances Tiafoe

The 21-year-old has shined at the Australian Open and has the potential to become the new face of men’s tennis in the United States. Does he have what it takes to succeed where so many others have failed?

The ‘Glass’ Exit Survey

It’s time to lock ourselves in a pink room and talk about Philadelphia-based superheroes and M. Night Shyamalan twists

“It’s a Very Taxing Profession”: Andy Murray and the Grind of Modern Tennis

Murray’s retirement announcement—and the persistent hip injury that caused it—has been the major story at the Australian Open. For players like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Sloane Stephens, among others, it raises some larger questions about sustainability in the sport.