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What Happens Next With Jimmy Butler and the Wolves?

The All-Star reportedly wants out of Minnesota and three teams are rumored to be on a list of preferred destinations. But should the Knicks, Clippers, or Nets mess with the future to improve right now? And what could this all mean for Tom Thibodeau’s reign, and the happiness of Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins?

Norm Macdonald Has a Show, but Does It Have a Point?

You have to really like Macdonald to tolerate his new Netflix show, and beginning to love it absolutely requires already loving him.

How to Use a Running Back in the Passing Game

Throwing the football is more efficient than rushing it, but that doesn’t mean all catches by RBs are created equal

Oh, Geez: Jimmy Butler Wants Out of Minnesota

The Timberwolves star has requested a trade, according to reports, and has Los Angeles and New York on his wish list

The Magic of Space Drama Overcomes Everything That Should Ruin ‘The First’

Despite the presence of the odious Sean Penn and Beau Willimon’s history of producing shows with plenty of sizzle and very little steak, Hulu’s new drama makes for compelling television

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NBA Hall of Famers, KD’s MVP Potential, and Messi vs. Ronaldo With Steve Nash

The NBA legend shares how he would fix American soccer

NFL Dinners, Shrimp Cocktails, and Chicken Nuggets With Mark Leibovich

Discussing the latest addition to the Shake Shack menu: chicken nuggets

New York Times Writer Caity Weaver on Profiling Celebrities, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Engagement, and Meghan Markle

Plus: Is it weird that Drake is giving Millie Bobby Brown dating advice?

Super Bowl Favorites, Week 3 Props, and Sharp Tank

Plus: When will Le’Veon Bell’s holdout end?

A Tale of Two Pay-Per-Views: Breaking Down ‘Hell in a Cell’

Reactions to the surpring Brock Lesnar appearance

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Are Hosts, Replicants, and Robot Clones Closer Than We Think?

Science-fiction storytelling—from ‘Westworld’ and ‘Black Mirror’ to ‘Her’ and the new movie ‘Replicas’—has become obsessed with artificial intelligence’s relationship to immortality. But is the possibility of a digital afterlife more than just a fantasy?

Eight Breakout Candidates for the 2018-19 NBA Season

Star-making seasons are often dependent on health, context, and opportunity. Should those things align, look out for players like Taurean Prince, Khris Middleton, and Julius Randle. They all have what it takes to shock the league.

Fantasy Playbook: Which Surprise Out-of-Nowhere Stars Are Here to Stay?

Guys like Philip Lindsay, Matt Breida, and Kenny Golladay have broken out this season. Will their production last?

The NFL Is in the Midst of a Tie Epidemic

First it was the Steelers and Browns. Then it was the Vikings and Packers. Why are ties on the rise in the NFL?

The Best Frontcourt Duos in the Eastern Conference, Ranked

In a positionless NBA, there is greater diversity in the power forward and center positions than ever before. The 15 teams in the East are a good reflection of that. But which team’s duo reigns supreme?

Patrick deWitt Is Here for the Jokes

The acclaimed author behind the newly adapted novel ‘The Sisters Brothers’ likes when people compare his work to famous shows and films. But he doesn’t even own a TV.

Best Case, Worst Case: Chicago Bulls

The no. 27 team in The Ringer’s preseason rankings has a lot of mouths to feed on offense but no real pecking order. And it has one inexperienced guard to figure it all out. Not a great recipe for success.

It’s Perfectly Fine That Maroon 5 Is Playing the Super Bowl

The halftime show isn’t ever cool or representative of broader American music tastes, anyway

What Disney’s Stand-alone Superhero Series Mean for the MCU

With limited series dedicated to Loki, Scarlet Witch, and maybe more headed to Disney’s upcoming streaming service, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get bigger, more detailed, and potentially more efficient

Light Work: The Rise of NBA Skills Trainers

With the help of social media, some private basketball trainers are using the exposure to become entrepreneurs, newsmakers, and even celebrities in their own right

The Never-ending Showdown Between Baby Boomers and Millennials

Art is imitating life, as the tension between generations is beginning to boil over into new works of fiction and nonfiction alike. But are young people and their retiring parents really so different?

And Then There Were Vlogs: How ‘A Simple Favor’ and ‘Searching’ Reimagine the Mystery Movie With a Modern Twist

Now, Agatha Christie is extremely online

Hollywood Accountability, As Imagined by ‘BoJack Horseman’

Talking to creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg about the parallels between Season 5 and real life

The 34 People and Things That Will Define the 2018-19 NBA Season

Everything we think we know about this season before anything actually happens

Best Case, Worst Case: Orlando Magic

The no. 28 team in The Ringer’s preseason rankings has enough length to circle the globe, but is that enough to find a way out of the league’s morass?

Hollywood Producer LeBron James Is Extremely Busy (and Officially Making ‘Space Jam 2’)

Just months after moving to Los Angeles, it’s become clear that picking the Lakers wasn’t only a basketball decision

The Brand Is Strong: Philly’s GM Search Is Over. Now What?

The Sixers may have hired internally, but choosing former player Elton Brand over more experienced options is as bold a move as they could’ve made

Will Kevin Durant Ever Be the NBA’s Best Player?

The maligned superstar is entering his third season with the two-time defending champion Warriors and once again finds himself at a crossroads. Can he find what he’s looking for in Golden State’s dynasty, or might destiny push him elsewhere?

LeSean McCoy Physically Abused His Son, Says an Affidavit Filed by the Boy’s Mother

The document supports the Bills running back’s ex-girlfriend in a lawsuit filed over a July home invasion

The Steelers Are the Most Gloriously Dysfunctional Team in the NFL

Is Pittsburgh bound to have a season from hell? Maybe. But Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, and Co. are the league’s most compelling theater.

2018-19 NBA Preview: Rankings Week

Slapping a number on the players, story lines, and everything else leading up to the 2018-19 NBA season

So, What Is Lee Jenkins Going to Be Doing for the Clippers?

The franchise has hired the Sports Illustrated feature writer to be a part of its front office, but it’s still unclear exactly how the team intends to use his skills to its benefit

Revisiting the First 10 Seasons of ‘Murphy Brown’

Long before its standoff with Dan Quayle, the show proved female sitcom leads could be as irascible as Archie Bunker ever was. And the original ‘Murphy Brown’ remains startlingly timely in 2018—which is good news for its upcoming reboot.

The Magnetic Charm of Mac Miller

The late rapper was a great friend—to people who knew him and to people who felt like they knew him

Five Takeaways From the First ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer

Most importantly: Brie Larson probably didn’t actually punch an old lady in the face

Why Inner-City Miami Produces More NFL Talent Than Anywhere Else

Amari Cooper, Chad Johnson, Devonta Freeman, and countless others have come out of the Liberty City neighborhood showcased in a new Starz series

Best Case, Worst Case: Sacramento Kings

The no. 29 team in The Ringer’s Preseason Rankings has to hope one of its young players emerges as a star, because it won’t have its own draft pick to fall back on

The Best Backcourt Duos in the Western Conference, Ranked

While the two best guard tandems in the West are obvious, the conference’s depth goes beyond just the Warriors and Rockets

Peak NBA: Which Team Would Be Best If Every Player Were in His Prime?

Tom Thibodeau’s attempt at re-creating the early-2010s Chicago Bulls in Minnesota had us thinking: If every team had a time machine to retrieve their players’ best selves, what would the league look like?

The 2018 Emmys Were As Scattered As the Rest of Peak TV

The ceremony was defined by listless hosts, unpredictable winners, and a general air of confusion—much like the industry it celebrated

The Most Popular TV Show Emmy Goes to … ‘Game of Thrones’

The HBO drama’s seventh season was not its strongest—but it won the Emmy for other reasons. And maybe that’s OK.

The Winners and Losers of the 2018 Emmy Awards

Amazon dominated, it’s officially Foy Season, and Colin Jost and Michael Che were … just fine—but also, two people got engaged!