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Pascal Siakam Is the Best Kept Secret in Basketball

Having Kawhi Leonard helps … a lot. But the third-year wing has become Toronto’s X factor. In this video, the creator of ‘The Leap’ breaks down how Siakam could help take the Raps to the Finals.

In this new video from J. Kyle Mann, creator of The Ringer’s The Leap series (which featured breakdowns of Brandon Ingram, Josh Jackson, Jaylen Brown, and Jamal Murray), and the man behind “The Kemba Dilemma,” we go deep on the key to the Toronto Raptors’ depth: third-year wing Pascal Siakam. Here’s the thing about depth: It’s not just about having guys, it’s about having guys who can do lots of things. Siakam is the Draymond of the Raptors. He’s a defensive dynamo and one of the best transition scorers in basketball. Sure, Kawhi Leonard gets the plaudits, and head coach Nick Nurse’s system has modernized Toronto’s approach. But if the Raptors want to get over the postseason hump, Siakam and his multifaceted game will be the key.