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Can Brandon Ingram Make the Leap?

Welcome to ‘The Leap,’ a series breaking down the NBA’s next generation of potential stars. In Part 1, we look at Lakers forward Brandon Ingram.

This is The Leap, a new video series on The Ringer from J. Kyle Mann, whom you might know from The Dime Drop, one of our favorite basketball YouTube channels. For The Leap, Kyle is training his scout’s eye and his sense of humor on a group of players primed to take the next step in their careers—possibly to stardom, possibly not. The first video in the series focuses on third-year Lakers wing Brandon Ingram.

A lot changed for Ingram over the summer, and the arrival of LeBron James in Los Angeles has increased the spotlight on the young Duke product. All Ingram has to do this season is ride shotgun with one of the greatest players of all time, guard up to five positions, and become a reliable offensive producer on a night-to-night basis. Easy! Check out The Leap to find out how he can do it, and stay tuned for more episodes soon.