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Can Jaylen Brown Make the Leap?

This is ‘The Leap,’ a video series breaking down the NBA’s next generation of potential stars. In Part 3, we look at Celtics defensive dynamo Jaylen Brown.

Welcome to the third episode of The Leap, a video series from The Ringer and J. Kyle Mann, whom you might know from The Dime Drop, one of our favorite basketball YouTube channels. For The Leap, Kyle is training his scout’s eye and his sense of humor on a group of players primed to take the next step in their careers—possibly to stardom, possibly not. In the first episode, we looked at Lakers wing Brandon Ingram as he begins life with LeBron James. In the second installment, we broke down Josh Jackson of the Phoenix Suns.

In the third episode, The Leap heads up to Boston to check on the progress of Jaylen Brown. Selected with the third pick in the 2016 NBA draft, Brown has exceeded expectations, establishing himself as a defensive stopper and capable of highlight-reel offensive fireworks. But will the emergence of Jayson Tatum and the return of Gordon Hayward limit Brown’s chances in the Celtics rotation? Check out The Leap to find out.