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The Kemba Dilemma

How the heck is Kemba Walker having a career year in his eighth season in the league? How did he change his game to adapt to the new NBA? And what does it all mean for his free agency next summer? All your questions are answered in this new video from the creator of ‘The Leap.’

From J. Kyle Mann, the mind behind The Leap video series, comes this breakdown of Kemba Walker’s astonishing career season with Charlotte. It’s not often that you see an NBA player reach new heights in their eighth season, but that’s exactly what Walker is doing this year. He’s always been a folk hero type, going back to his days at UConn, but now he has a legit shot at first team All-NBA. How the heck did that happen?

Glad you asked! In “The Kemba Dilemma,” Kyle gets into how Walker has changed his game to fit the new, 3-pointer-crazy NBA. Kyle also looks at what Kemba’s new-and-improved game means for his impending free agency next summer.