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The Rams Clinched the NFC West on the Back of Todd Gurley

For the second consecutive week, the L.A. running back ran roughshod over his opponents

Los Angeles Rams v Tennessee Titan Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Christmas has come a day early for Todd Gurley’s fantasy owners—and for L.A. Rams fans, who saw their team clinch its first NFC West title since 2003 with a 27-23 road victory against Tennessee on Sunday.

Last week, Gurley logged a memorably monster fantasy performance when he shredded the Seahawks for 42 fantasy points despite being pulled midway through the third quarter, a performance that (almost certainly) propelled those who started him to their championships. On Sunday, Gurley outdid himself. After Sunday’s 39.6 points, Gurley is the all-time leading scorer in a single season’s fantasy playoffs (Weeks 15 and 16 combined) and has ascended to LaDainian Tomlinson fantasy deity status. On Christmas Eve, Gurley’s statline (118 rushing yards, 158 receiving yards, and two receiving touchdowns) was more reindeer than Ram. If you’ve ever wondered how Santa makes it to every house in one night, this is the answer.

And like Santa’s reindeer, not only can Gurley gallop, but he can also fly.

Gurley’s day was so dominant, he went into halftime against Tennessee with 28.6 fantasy points, which would have been good enough to be the highest total among running backs from the early slate of games.

Rams fans can only hope that Gurley is as supernatural in the real playoffs as he has been in fantasy. Merry Christmas to Gurley’s owners, and apologies to everyone who played against him, Titans included. Clearly you’ve been naughty this year.