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Todd Gurley Had a Fantasy Performance for the Ages

180 yards and four touchdowns against the Seahawks went a long way to helping fantasy playoff teams this week

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

If you had Todd Gurley in your fantasy playoffs this week, he was heaven-sent. If you played against him, he was demon spawn.

As thousands of owners depended on Gurley in the fantasy playoffs, the Rams running back carved the Seahawks to the tune of 180 total yards and four touchdowns. His 42 points tied him for the 31st-highest-scoring fantasy (non-PPR) performance of the 21st century. What’s even more impressive about these numbers: He was pulled midway through the third quarter after his final touchdown put the Rams up 40-0. Malcolm Brown and Tavon Austin put up 89 yards on 20 carries in their own right, so if he had stayed in Gurley truly would have had a shot at breaking Clinton Portis’s record of 55.4 points for the highest-scoring fantasy performance this century.

Gurley looked like a hologram running through real people. This run looked like he was timing himself for the 57-yard dash as he ran past the entire Seahawks defense in a straight line.

Gurley sheds tacklers like they’re porgs.

It’s an exclamation point on an amazing season for Gurley, who sprang onto the fantasy scene in his rookie year in 2015, when he finished as the fifth-highest-scoring running back. But after his sophomore season was crushed underneath the disastrous 2016 Rams offense, Gurley entered this season as an intriguing but risky fantasy prospect. Those who had faith in him have been rewarded with the no. 1 fantasy running back by a country mile.

On a day where Russell Wilson, fantasy’s no. 1 quarterback, dropped just 11.6 points, and fantasy’s no. 1 wide receiver, Antonio Brown, left with a calf injury early in the second quarter, fantasy’s no. 1 running back was a rock for playoff teams everywhere. His fantasy owners should send him a share of any winnings they earn this season.