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2018 Previewpalooza Live

Tune in for all-day Ringer content ahead of the 2018-19 Celts-Sixers tipoff

Welcome to NBA Previewpalooza, a marathon countdown to tipoff with Bill Simmons and the Ringer NBA crew! Featuring live podcasts, new Ringer originals, and a Sixers-Celtics watch party that’s sure to bring the spice.

Wake Up and Dunk It

How Succession Explains the NBA

Fantasy Draft: Battle of the Podcasts

Worst Picks of the Week: NBA Previewpalooza Edition

MasterSports With Rodger Sherman: NBA Previewpalooza Edition

2018 Sophomore Redraft

Sources Say Live

The Making of NBA Desktop

Binge Mode Live: NBA Previewpalooza Edition

Black on the Air: All-Lakers Edition

Takehunter 3

One Shining Podcast’s Top 25 Rookies

The Bill Simmons 21st-Century Wine Bottle Team

Wins Pool