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Quick Bites on Quick Bites: Sophie Turner’s Plane Goes Down in ‘Survive’

And then … she must survive

Jarvis Kim/Quibi

Quibi, the latest entrant in the Streaming Wars, launches on Monday. And because Quibi stands for “quick bites,” here’s a quick-bite review of one Quibi’s quick bites.

Last summer, we really thought Sophie Turner was going to be the Next Big Thing. She seemed unstoppable—wifing herself up, dominating the final season of Game of Thrones, crushing glasses of wine with vape in hand, and headlining a major superhero franchise (such as it was). But with only two upcoming projects on her IMDb page, one of which is her deeply depressing Quibi show, Survive, my hopes for Sophie’s career are on hold. The first few episodes of Survive are a slog, which is saying something for a show that is supposed to be a “quick bite.” Sophie is our blunt, suicidal protagonist, who starts out the series in a mental health institution before surviving a deadly plane crash. At best, Survive is intense and austere. At worst, it’s needlessly triggering and somehow still wildly boring. If Sophie is going to waste time on projects that end up mere minutes long and not worth paying for, she should stick to her own consistently charming Instagram videos. And that’s the tea.