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Rogue One

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The Road-Trip-War-Movie Rankings

How does ‘Rogue One’ compare to ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Inglourious Basterds’?

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Mothers of the Rebellion

With ‘Rogue One,’ the ‘Star Wars’ universe puts female characters front and center

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The Fog of ‘Star Wars’

People have been analyzing the politics of ‘Star Wars’ since ‘A New Hope.’ With ‘Rogue One,’ we’re analyzing the politics of war.

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‘Rogue One’ Isn’t a Stand-Alone ‘Star Wars’ Movie

And that’s OK

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Make Stormtroopers Great Again

‘Rogue One’ is largely excellent, but it fails to provide a comeback for the franchise’s favorite cannon fodder

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Star Wars Are Hell

‘Rogue One’ is the best popcorn war movie since ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and the only great blockbuster of the year

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A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

‘Star Wars’ has what so many other franchises lack: a deep, dark, dependable bench of very bad men. Here are the five best non-Vader villains.

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The ‘Star Wars’ Video Game Force Awakens

With original game characters returning soon, Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ battle station is about to be fully operational

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Darth Vader and Son

The ‘Star Wars’ Merchandising Complex has long since turned capitalism into the finest art of the whole franchise. No one knows this better than tiny children.


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What’s the Best ‘Star Wars’ Moment?

Plus: Is Luke an overrated hero?

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That’s No Moon

The Death Star is the ‘Star Wars’ universe’s center of gravity. No matter how many times Rebels blow it up, filmmakers return to the idea of a planet-destroying superweapon floating in space. Now, it’s Gareth Edwards’s turn, with ‘Rogue One.’

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The Opening Crawl ‘Rogue One’ Deserves

It won’t have one, so we made our own

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Talking ‘Rogue One’ and Online Fandom With a ‘Star Wars’ Obsessive

How the internet’s biggest ‘Star Wars’ trivia enthusiasts are getting ready for ‘Rogue One’

Ten More ‘Star Wars’ Stories We Want to See

The ‘Star Wars’ universe is full of stories ripe for the ‘Rogue One’ anthology treatment. From the ice base on Hoth to Mos Eisley cantina, here is a list of where Disney should look for its next standalone movie.

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It’s a Good Time to Be a ‘Star Wars’ Fan

Rooting for a diverse, female-led insurgency in a serious ‘Rogue One’

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A Kinder, Gentler ‘Rogue One’?

The new trailer takes a small step away from the dark side