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NBA Meme Bracket: Alonzo Mourning Wins!

Ain’t it just like Miami fans to show up for the finals? ’Zo defeats Confused Nick Young in a shocking upset.

Arturo Torres

The votes from the outer counties, across all platforms of the internet, have been tabulated with care. Your winner, by direct democratic vote, is Alonzo Mourning Acceptance over Confused Nick Young, 59 percent to 41 percent. For the public good, and to allay any fear of manipulation, the accumulated totals for all rounds are posted here.

Over the past five days, there’s been an outpouring of opinion about which memes are the best and which deserve to win and why. The debates have been barbed at times. The committee and its seeding decisions have been questioned at every turn. But in the end, we hope you’ll agree that democracy—while it is messy, loud, and often uncomfortable—works.

Congratulations to the champion and to all of our contestants. And congratulations to you, the people. If you want a souvenir from this wild week, may we suggest copping a T-shirt at the merch store!

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