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The ‘Uncut Gems’ Trailer Exit Survey

It’s Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett and LaKeith Stanfield and the Safdie brothers ... and Mike Francesa playing some guy named Gary

A24/Ringer illustration

Mark September 24, 2019, as a Ringer holiday, for it is the day that the Safdie brothers released the trailer for their latest film, Uncut Gems, and brought Adam Sandler, LaKeith Stanfield, Kevin Garnett (playing himself), The Weeknd (playing himself), and Mike Francesa (playing a guy named Gary) under one roof. After watching the trailer (approximately a thousand times), the staff had some thoughts.

1. What is your tweet-length review of the Uncut Gems trailer?

Donnie Kwak: Safdies x A24 x Sandler x Stanfield x KG x Francesa, sign me up immediately.

Miles Surrey:

Rob Harvilla: “Everyone onscreen wants to punch Adam Sandler in the face, and half of them probably will.”

Kate Knibbs: I always wanted this clip of Adam Sandler to be turned into a feature-length film and now I have my wish!

Chris Almeida: Kevin Garnett is really in a lot of this thing.

Andrew Gruttadaro: Am I having a good time?

2. Finish the sentence: “Adam Sandler is …”

Almeida: … BACK.

Knibbs: … hot.

Surrey: … immediately making amends for Murder Mystery.

Gruttadaro: … my favorite actor working with my favorite young directors, the Safdie brothers, in my favorite movie (already) about New York City.

Kwak: … surprisingly good at pulling off the double-diamond-stud-earring look. Who knew?!

Harvilla: … a national treasure precisely for his willingness to behave (and make movies) like a national disgrace. Seems perfect for a tense movie in which he irritates everyone but everyone loves him anyway.

3. Which cameo has you most excited?

Kwak: The Sports Pope—but it’s weird that KG can play KG and the Weeknd can play the Weeknd but Mike Francesa is … Gary?!

Almeida: Is Mike Francesa in this movie as … not Mike Francesa?


Harvilla: I have never heard one second of Mike Francesa’s show, but all my coworkers here at The Ringer are excited, and I’m very excited that they’re excited.

Knibbs: The bejeweled Gremlins memorabilia.

Surrey: It’s gotta be Succession and Billions thespian Eric Bogosian as a guy who really wants some money from those, um, uncut gems!!! (Also, is it too late to put Desus and Mero in this? The more New York icons roasting Jeweler Adam Sandler, the better.)

4. Based on this two-minute trailer, do you think Adam Sandler can win an Oscar in 2020?

Surrey: Too early to tell, especially when Brad Pitt just had a soulful, two-hour therapy session in space.

Kwak: He can, but it’s Leo’s to lose.

Knibbs: No, but that’s not a knock on Sandler’s acting. He’ll give one of the best performances of the year and it might not even be nominated; the Oscars have corny taste.

Almeida: Yes, but for his role in Murder Mystery.

Gruttadaro: Book it: Between Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers and Sandler in Uncut Gems, this is the year the Academy gives awards to actors everyone actually knows.

5. Using a screenshot from the trailer, create a meme.




Surrey: Live look at all the money imma use to watch Uncut Gems multiple times in December:

Almeida: When they ask me who is going to start at point guard for the Wizards:

Gruttadaro: Me before seeing Uncut Gems:

Me after spending every dime in my bank account to see Uncut Gems as many times as possible: