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Norm Macdonald Has a Show, but Does It Have a Point?

You have to really like Macdonald to tolerate his new Netflix show, and beginning to love it absolutely requires already loving him.

Predator vs. Predator vs. Predator vs. Predator

The ‘Predator’ movies have varied over the years (and integrated with the ‘Alien’ movies), but no other Hollywood franchise has been so consistently, admirably Not for Everyone

Carrie Underwood Is Just Like Us, Kind Of

Her new album, ‘Cry Pretty,’ is a shaky response to an uncertain year—for the singer and everyone else. But it’s almost a relief that she handles setbacks like the rest of us.

Mac Miller, 1992-2018

Remembering the restless, resilient rapper who died Friday at the age of 26

A Tale of Two Pauls: On McCartney and Simon’s New Albums

Paul McCartney’s ‘Egypt Station’ and Paul Simon’s ‘In the Blue Light’—both out this week—are welcome additions to the "elder-statesman record" canon

The ‘Jack Ryan’ Universe, Depicted Through Tom Clancy’s Final Scenes

A picture of the character’s world as shown through the end of each of the author’s novels

Character Study: Can Jack Ryan Be the Hero in 2018?

John Krasinski is the latest actor to take on Tom Clancy’s "Boy Scout" CIA analyst—but it’s a strange time for the concept of Jack Ryan

Revisiting the Strange, Occasionally Sublime ‘John From Cincinnati’

The 2007 series is still confounding as plain television—but the surfing is transcendent

“Hey Jude,” I Hear It’s Your Birthday

Fifty years ago, The Beatles released a Paul McCartney-penned single that would become the greatest power ballad of all time. A look back on the ambiguous meaning and unambiguous staying power of the Fab Four classic.

The MTV VMAs May Be Dying, but We Can’t Stop Watching

With Madonna’s cringey tribute, J.Lo’s middling medley, and Logic’s earnest anthem, the once-vaunted awards show remains a reliable source of schadenfreude, confusion, and self-loathing

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