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Eight Better Titles for the Han Solo Movie

Ringer staffers try to give the next ‘Star Wars’ anthology film a better title than ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Disney Studios

On Tuesday, director Ron Howard announced that 2018’s Han Solo stand-alone film had finished production. As a celebration, he revealed the movie’s title: Solo: A Star Wars Story. If you find the name undeserving of a reveal, we agree—it’s pretty underwhelming. So, Ringer staffers did their best to give the movie a title more deserving of its legendary main character.

Rob Harvilla: Don't Get Cocky

Justin Charity: Nerf Herder

Miles Surrey: The Young Solo. It’s the Trandoshan bounty hunter you love, but younger.

Daniel Chin: Who Shot First. George Lucas won’t be able to go back and make any not-so-sneaky alterations this time.

Kate Knibbs: You've Got to Han It to Him

Claire McNear: Solo is fine, because it opens the door to the sequel Solo: DUO. Or Solo: DUE?

Andrew Gruttadaro: This Is Han. I'm really just assuming things got very warm and family-oriented once Ron Howard took over as the director of this movie. Also assuming that Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo will make me cry.

Michael Baumann: So it's a movie about a freighter pilot who makes his living hauling illegal cargo, and his relationship with his best friends. Anyone see any potential issues with Smuggle Buddies as a title?