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Vintage Baseball Hall of Fame Pricing, Release Week Preview, and Mailbag. Plus: Leighton Sheldon on Set Breaks

Mike and Jesse discuss how much some classic cards are worth

Mickey Mantle Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Mike and Jesse follow up last week’s modern MLB Hall of Fame discussion by looking at vintage cards (4:00). Then they look ahead and preview some upcoming releases (25:00) and answer some mailbag questions (40:00). Finally, they’re joined by Vintage Breaks and Just Collect owner Leighton Sheldon to learn his background in the hobby (49:00), explain what set breaks are (58:00), and share a fun collaboration with Card Shop Live (62:00).

Hosts: Mike Gioseffi and Jesse Gibson
Guest: Leighton Sheldon
Producers: Jade Whaley and Mike Wargon

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