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‘Recipe Club’ Season 2 Call to Action

We’re back for Season 2, and we’re taking requests

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It’s a special message from Chris Ying: Recipe Club is coming back! And this time, we’re taking requests. If you have a treasured and/or perplexing recipe involving one of the elements mentioned here, this is the moment to send it over to Full episodes arriving in April.

Please send in your recipes for the following ingredients:

Apples, breakfast sausage (in a tube), broccoli, cake mix, canned beans, frozen French fries, frozen pie crusts, green beans, hummus, King’s Hawaiian rolls, meatloaf, oxtails, peanut butter, pilaf/pulao, plant-based meat, plantains, quesadillas, Ritz crackers, seaweed, spinach, tequila/rum/bourbon (for eating), tomatoes, wine (for drinking—spritzes/sangria/etc.), and yogurt.

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