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The NFL Food City Playoffs: Super Belly Bowl

After some close calls, only the Buffalo wings and the Philly cheesesteak remain

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These palatable playoffs have finally reached their conclusion. There were some close calls, but in the end only the wings from Buffalo and the Philly cheesesteak remained. With the help of Mallory Rubin, David Jacoby, and Craig Horlbeck, House must now determine the sole winner and crown a Super Belly Bowl chompion.

The only way to know if they got this right is to bellysource it! Find us on Twitter @HouseOfCarbs and on Instagram @TheHouseOfCarbs and let us know.

Hosts: Joe House and Craig Horlbeck
Guests: Mallory Rubin and David Jacoby
Producers: Craig Horlbeck, Chelsea Stark-Jones, and Mike Wargon

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