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The Marlins Sale, Slugging Stanton, and the Hot Hand

Ben Lindbergh and Michael Baumann look at the future for the Miami Marlins franchise and more

San Francisco Giants v Miami Marlins Getty Images

Ben Lindbergh and Michael Baumann banter about the four-man outfield that the Cubs deployed against Joey Votto (01:00), then discuss the reportedly proceeding sale of the Miami Marlins (05:30), the possible impending demise of the Marlins Park home run sculpture (07:30), Giancarlo Stanton's hot streak (11:00), and whether it makes sense for the Marlins to trade the face of their franchise (16:30). Then they bring on FiveThirtyEight writer Rob Arthur to talk about his recent research into the "hot hand" effect for pitchers and why his method succeeds in detecting and predicting hot streaks where so many previous statistical attempts have failed (24:00).