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Inside Jon Snow’s First Dragon Encounter

The ‘Talk the Thrones’ team discusses Jon Snow’s exposure to Daenerys’s children


In "The Queen’s Justice," we finally see the Jon-Daenerys meeting that we’d anticipated for years.

But before Jon reaches the throne room at Dragonstone, he yields his sword and approaches the castle with Tyrion Lannister. The two, last having spoken during Season 1, catch up on the last few years.

Jon mentions that his supporters think he is misguided in heading south to meet with Daenerys, and Tyrion agrees, saying that if he were Jon’s hand, he would have advised against the meeting. "General rule of thumb: Stark men don’t fare well when they travel south," he says.

"True, but I’m not a Stark," Jon replies, referring to his status as a bastard. Just then, one of Daenerys’s dragons flies overhead, causing Jon and his men to drop to the ground.

Of course, we know what Jon doesn’t: The blood of dragons runs through his veins. So what should we make of this scene? The Talk the Thrones team discussed the flyover on the show’s most recent episode.

Disclosure: HBO is an initial investor in The Ringer.