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What Is the “Priceless Gift” Euron Promises Cersei on ‘Game of Thrones’?

Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion share their theories

(HBO/Ringer illustration)
(HBO/Ringer illustration)

On the last episode of Game of Thrones, Euron Greyjoy sailed into King’s Landing, proposed to Queen Cersei, and, once rebuffed, promised her a "priceless gift" to win her hand. It was truly a sight to behold, especially since he did it in a star-studded black leather jacket.

Now we’re asking this question: What is that gift he promised? Our Thrones experts, Jason Concepcion and Mallory Rubin, shared their theories on the latest episode of Binge Mode.

Listen to the full podcast here. This transcript has been edited and condensed.


Rubin: We are both partial to Dragonbinder, the horn that Euron is associated with and has in the books. Brings [it] to a Kingsmoot, makes one of his dudes blow on it, and then that guy just dies. And his lungs are all charred and gross.

Concepcion: Sucks for that guy.

Rubin: What would it mean if he has this horn?

Concepcion: Well, supposedly this horn, Valyrian in origin, can bind a dragon’s will to the owner of the horn. How does the owner survive blowing the horn? All of that is mysterious. What we know is supposedly this horn can control dragons.

Rubin: That would be a big deal!

Concepcion: You talk about a gift, that’s a game-changing gift for Cersei.

Rubin: The argument against it being Dragonbinder is basically, just, the show hasn’t brought this up yet. And Season 7 is too late to introduce something that massive.

Concepcion: It’s super deus ex machina if they do it now.

Rubin: It would be on the show; I think the counterpoint is that it isn’t for the story at large. It’s part of the myth and the lore and the mythology of the story. George has introduced this, people are familiar with this, it’s there, it would almost be weird — it would fall into the Young Griff category — to not bring it into the show. It’s like, "So this just isn’t a thing that’s going to matter in the books?" Or [is the show] going in a totally different direction? But this would be a big, big deal.


Concepcion: Brightroar is the ancestral Valyrian sword of the Lannisters that was lost when King Tommen II Lannister went to explore Valyria with the sword on his hip and was never seen again. It’s gone. That would be a cool gift, although my argument against that is Tywin melted down Ice, made two swords — Oathkeeper is owned by Brienne; Widow’s Wail was in Joffrey’s possession when he died and is presumably still in the Red Keep somewhere under Lannister control.

Rubin: Jaime has two swords on his person when he’s all armored up. Presumably the sword passed from Joffrey to Tommen, and now Jaime or someone else in the family has it.

Tyrion Lannister

Rubin: This is, I would say, among the people of the internet, the leading contender right now. I don’t think that this can be it.

Concepcion: It’s tough to see how they could get him.

Rubin: Right. He’s too well protected. To get to Tyrion, you have to fight Dany.

Concepcion: And the dragon, and the fleet, and the whole thing. Cersei would certainly love this gift.

Rubin: She would love it, that would be great. Tough get in a hurry. Also, my other knock against this is that Tyrion has already filled the role of "the gift." Jorah presented him to Dany as "the gift." I just think that’s a little bit too much rehashing.

Olenna Tyrell

Rubin: Maybe same issue [as Tyrion]. She’s at Dragonstone; we think we see the back of her headdress in a preview shot for Episode 2. She is certainly aligned with Dany. The Tyrell ships are in Dany’s armada. In theory Olenna is protected as well.

Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes

Rubin: It’s the same problem as with the other people: She’s with Dany. We see her in the scenes for next week’s episode, we know that she’s going to get it on with Yara. So she’s there, it’s hard to penetrate these forces. If you’re going to go get one of them, take them all. But, obviously, presenting Ellaria to Cersei would be huge. This is the person responsible for Myrcella, for Cersei’s daughter’s death. Hard to think of too many things that would win Cersei over more.

Sansa Stark

Rubin: I think geography prohibits this. Just too far away.

Concepcion: Although, does that matter anymore? And it’s also one of those things where it’s like, the North, as they’ve said numerous times, is huge. It’d be like, "Where is this person in this entire country?" and then going there.

Rubin: She is also, in theory, well protected. Though the difference is if Jon and Company ride off in the next episode, which we think they will, and she stays behind, which we think she will, she’s more vulnerable than anyone who’s in Dany’s camp.

Valyrian Steel Armor

Concepcion: This is kind of cheating because it’s mentioned in a preview chapter from a reading George did sometime in the past. But it’s known that Euron, from the preview chapters, has a full set of Valyrian steel armor, with Valyrian glyphs on it. Would that be useful to Cersei? I don’t know, but that’s a pretty cool gift, too.

Rubin: It’s almost too priceless to give up.

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