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‘Heat Check’ — Old Friends and New Foes

Joel Embiid feuds with Andre Drummond and Nerlens Noel grabs a halftime hot dog

Joel Embiid Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Ringer’s Juliet Litman and John Gonzalez discuss Chris Paul returning to Los Angeles with the soaring Rockets (0:20), speculate on the possibility of DeAndre Jordan joining his old teammate in Houston (6:36), examine the cratering young Lakers (9:12), and consider the significance of Derrick Rose returning to the dominant Cleveland Cavaliers (13:30). Then, they detail the feud between Andre Drummond and Joel Embiid (18:33), debate the best big men in the league (21:17), recount the bizarre story of Nerlens Noel getting a hot dog during a game (28:38), and run through this week’s most exciting games (32:09).

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