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Can We Get a 2-0 Comeback?

Breaking down the two LCS matchups and all the heroic moments and blunders from the first weekend of games

Justin Turner hits a home run Getty Images

Ben Lindbergh and Michael Baumann discuss Ben’s furtive baseball-watching on his wedding weekend (02:00), then break down both of the 2-0 championship series (05:00), beginning with the brilliance of Astros starters Dallas Keuchel and Justin Verlander (12:00), the riveting tag team of José Altuve and Carlos Correa (21:30), the exciting send-off Altuve gave Game 2 (25:00), and the offensive struggles of Aaron Judge and Gary Sánchez (27:30), and ending with the heroics of Yasiel Puig and Justin Turner (30:30), the latest backlash against Puig (42:30), the Cubs’ faltering bullpen and Joe Maddon’s flagging tactical reputation (48:00), and a discussion about which series is more likely to produce a comeback (52:00).

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