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Kevin Durant Says His Relationship with Russell Westbrook Is Competitive Only on the Court


On the latest Any Given Wednesday, Bill Simmons brought on former MVP Kevin Durant and Grammy-nominated rapper Nas to talk basketball, hip-hop, and “beefs.” Durant talked about how he was hurt by his portrayal as “weak” in the media after he left Oklahoma City for Golden State this offseason.

Durant on His Move to Golden State

But there are no hard feelings between him and Russell Westbrook. To hear Durant tell it, their relationship is only competitive when they step onto the basketball court.

Durant on Russell Westbrook

Then, Nas and Durant talked about rivalries, both in basketball and in hip-hop. Nas discussed how his rivalry with Jay Z went too far, and detailed what he would say to Biggie and Tupac if he could go back in time.

Rivalries in Hip-Hop and Basketball

In the episode’s Speed Round, Simmons asked Durant if he brought up the James Harden trade too much. Durant’s response? “You should have got over it.”

Speed Round With Nas and Kevin Durant

Then, Vince Staples came on to help Bill with some dis tracks. His first target is exactly who you might expect: Roger Goodell.

Dis Tracks With Vince Staples — Roger Goodell

The next target, though, is one you might not expect: Bill Simmons himself and his beloved Patriots.

Dis Tracks with Vince Staples — Bill’s Patriots Self-Diss