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Nick Viall Is Finally Likable on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Third time’s the charm for the two-time ‘Bachelorette’ runner-up

Nick Viall first joined Bachelor Nation in 2014 on Andi Dorfman’s season. You might remember him from the time he asked Andi, on a nationally televised program, “If you weren’t in love with me … I’m just not sure why you made love with me.” At that point, Nick’s detractors became haters. But he would not be deterred. He showed up again on the following Bachelorette season in an attempt to win over Kaitlyn Bristowe, doing little to win over the viewers and again coming in second in the game of love. He is tough, though. Nick is back on TV for a third time, now looking for love — or at least a lot of making out — on Bachelor in Paradise. The tropical setting is working for him, because, for the first time, he is a fan favorite! He stopped by the Ringer office for a Channel 33 podcast this week to talk about this shocking turn in his narrative, why we constantly see his nemesis Josh Murray making out in close proximity to others, and whether he would take back his infamous moment with Andi.

Read excerpts from our interview below, and click here to listen to the whole episode. Nick does not hold back — just as you’d expect from a true reality TV villain.

Why Josh and Amanda make out in plain sight

Nick Viall: There’s so much space in that place that you can go anywhere. The reason why you’re seeing Josh and Amanda make out all the time is because that’s what they did. I’m sure at some point they had conversations. You’re not seeing a lot of them. But the point is that they obsessively made out in front of everyone, and it was a huge discussion point throughout the house.

You couldn’t help but wonder. It was so bizarre that you’re like, “All right, I’m sure you guys like each other,” but specifically to Josh, “Are you trying to peacock? Are you trying to rub it in? Are you really genuine, or [is it that] you just can’t help yourself by being this egomaniac?”

Whom he dislikes more: Shawn Booth (Kaitlyn’s winner) or Josh Murray (Andi’s winner and fellow ‘Paradise’ resident)

N.V.: Shawn and I are very different, but I have nothing but respect for Shawn. I think Kaitlyn definitely made the right decision. They’re great. I didn’t necessarily agree with how Shawn went about things in the house, and I certainly had my frustrations, and ultimately I made my mistakes, too, as it related to that. But you can’t fault Shawn for his authenticity and the fact that he just was really in love with Kaitlyn. He might have lost his mind for a moment, but at least that makes sense when you really like someone and other people are spending time and doing god knows what. We’re not best friends, we don’t talk, but I think Shawn is real and I think he’s vulnerable and authentic, and I have nothing but respect for Shawn.

I think Josh is the opposite of that.

Juliet Litman: Were you guys aware of how sweaty he was? His sweat is my number-two talking point about this show.

N.V.: He did it on Andi’s season. He was a sweaty, sandwich-eating … If he got hungry, he’d get really hangry, real fast. The first time I noticed Josh moaning: It was the rose ceremony before hometowns. There were six of us left. I had a rose, so I was safe at that point and Josh was to my right. And usually before that there’s so many guys you don’t really … but as it narrows down, you notice more things, and she called Josh’s name and he just goes “mmmmmm.” And I was like, “What the fuck was that?” Dude, you can’t eat her. I’m into Andi. I’m falling in love. I’m probably in love at that point, and I’m like, “This guy’s moaning for her?”

Does he regret confronting Andi about their Fantasy Suite night?

N.V.: One of the criticisms I get is that I’m a whore, I’m a man-whore. The reality is I slept with two women that I was very much falling for. I really liked these women, and it just kind of makes sense, [yet] somehow I must be just a dirty, dirty man. I’m really not.

J.L.: Do you have any other moments that you regret? That you wish you could take back?

N.V.: I mean [confronting Andi on After the Final Rose] is a big one just because … it’s almost hard to find an article that still doesn’t bring it up, which is annoying. But other than that, not really.