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Barack Obama Wants to Own an NBA Team — Which One Should He Buy Into?

Getty Images
Getty Images

It came to The Ringer’s attention today that noted hoops head President Barack Obama is interested in buying into an NBA team.

As in, he’d like to be a part-owner of an already-established basketball organization. If you watch today’s daily press briefing from the White House, you’ll hear press secretary Josh Earnest explain that “the president has discussed previously that he would have an interest, potentially if the opportunity arose under the right circumstances, to be part of an ownership group of an NBA franchise … I don’t know if that kind of opportunity will present itself. But I suspect that’s something that he would enjoy.” With just a few months left in office, our basketball-fan-in-chief needs new employment. Why not look to the NBA? He might not be positioned to buy a team outright, but he’d still be a valuable part of an ownership group. Here are some teams he could pursue.

Sam Donsky: President Obama should buy the Philadelphia 76ers, and his first act as owner should be to reinstate Sam Hinkie. On the back of the Sixers’ third straight championship (2020), Hinkie should run for mayor of Philadelphia. On the back of the Sixers’ fifth straight championship (2022), Hinkie should run for governor of Pennsylvania. On the back of the Sixers’ seventh straight championship (2024), Hinkie should run for president of the United States — with popular Sixers owner Barack Obama as his campaign manager. Hinkie should run, not as a Democrat or a Republican, but as the leader of a brand-new political party: The Process Party.

Claire McNear: It’s obviously the Kings. Barack Obama, soother of tensions, douser of fires, holder of beer summits: Has a team ever needed a Nobel Peace Prize winner more? And buddy, if you think Washington politics is bad, just wait till you get to Sacramento. Constitutional convention, here we come.

Tate Frazier: John Wall deserves help in the DMV. POTUS deserves an NBA team.

AP Images
AP Images

The perfect form and precision of their high-five protocol speaks to future promise, and not to speculate, but certainly they will do the John Wall dance in unison at some point. That’s the NBA we all deserve.

Sam Schube: The Knicks are short hope. They’re also short change. BHO brings ’em both in spades. THANKS, OBAMA.

Juliet Litman: The New Orleans Pelicans are in need. They’ve been in need of a superstar since Chris Paul left. Anthony Davis was supposed to be their franchise savior, but he’s been derailed by chronic injury — along with several of his teammates. What this team needs now is a leader well-versed in health care who can swoop in by the next trade deadline. Obama’s last full day in office is January 19, 2017. The deadline is mid-February. Let’s do this!

Jason Concepcion: Obama should try to buy whichever team he feels best suits him. But he should be prepared for the sale to be blocked indefinitely by House Republicans.

Chris Ryan: Whatever Trump’s favorite team is.