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Al Michaels and Bob Costas Try to One-up Each Other’s Best Stories


On the latest Any Given Wednesday, Bill Simmons hosted broadcasting legends Al Michaels and Bob Costas to take a look at the NFL, tell stories, and discuss the state of sports broadcasting. First, the duo tackled the oversaturation of the NFL. Michaels recounted how he was part of Sunday Night Football becoming the no. 1 show on television — and said the Thursday Night games can dilute the NFL’s presence in prime time.

Al Michaels and Bob Costas on NFL Saturation

In their mailbag segment, Michaels and Costas answered questions about how to fix baseball, who should play quarterback for the Cowboys once Tony Romo is healthy, and who has the most legendary stories.

Mail Bag With Costas and Michaels

In a bonus clip available only on the internet, the two broadcasters talked about how their careers would be different if they were just starting out now.

Extra Time With Costas and Michaels

Then, Bill (with the help of Tony Hawk) took a long look at San Diego’s upcoming vote to commit more than a billion dollars to a new football stadium in the city. Don’t do it, San Diego!

San Diego “Convadium” Is Not a Thing

Then, Vince Staples joined the show to pick winners and losers with Bill. First up, old man Dirk Nowitzki: winner.

Winners and Losers With Vince Staples: Dirk Nowitzki

The two also talked about another NBA star, Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins, who recently blocked Bill on Twitter. Should he have been an All-NBA selection?

Boogie Cousins Blocks Bill Simmons on Twitter

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