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2018 Year in Review

Superheroes Who Care: What the Year’s Best Action Movies Taught Us About Empathy

‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ ‘Deadpool 2,’ and ‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout’ made billions of dollars at the box office. They also suggested a new way to save the world.

The Year in Superhero Movies

2018 may have been the most monumental year for comic book films since ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Iron Man’ started this whole party 10 years ago

The Top 10 Films of the Year

Chris Ryan and Adam Nayman join Sean Fennessey to break down which movies made the final cut

The Top 10 Action Movies of 2018

This turned out to be a year of violent hybrid B-movies—films that didn’t reach a wide mainstream audience and, to be honest, didn’t even try

The Best Movies of 2018

Harlem. South Korea. Mexico City. Wakanda. The finest films of the year went everywhere and showed us a new way to live.

The Many Men—and So Few Women—of the Year in Movies

It was a historic, record-breaking, often wondrous year at the movies. But something was missing.

The Golden Globes Nominations: Surprises and Snubs

‘Vice’ receives some surprising love, whereas ‘Widows’ gets left out

“There’s No Way to Half-Ass This at All”: How Brian Tyree Henry Gave the Three Best Performances of 2018  

The ‘Atlanta,’ ‘If Beale Street Could Talk,’ and ‘Widows’ actor explains his characters in his own words

The Best Performances of 2018

From Tom Cruise to Jodie Comer to the hot duck, this year was full of compelling acts

The Songs From ‘A Star Is Born,’ Ranked

Maybe it’s time to make a list, from worst to best, of the tunes (and interludes) from our favorite movie soundtrack of the year

Thank U, Next: How Ariana Grande and Drake Accelerated the Pop Music Life Cycle

With the #InMyFeelings challenge and the Pete Davidson saga, music’s biggest stars became more responsive and self-referential than ever

The Most Awkward ‘Ellen’ Performances of 2018, Ranked

This is what happens when hit singles and low audience recognition collide

The Best Songs of 2018

It’s been an odd, intoxicating year in singles. Before we say thank you, next—here are our 10 favorites.

The 10 Most Underrated Rap Albums of 2018

Our cup runneth over with hip-hop this year, but Ringer staffers narrowed down innumerable options to select their favorite unsung projects

Cardi B Made the Colossal, Bloat-Free Album of the Year

While her peers delivered overlong Spotify-gaming releases or blink-and-you-missed-it collections, ‘Invasion of Privacy’ never drags, never settles, and never dilutes Cardi’s delirious absurdity

The Best Albums of 2018

From rap to country to rock to classical and back to rap again, two Ringer staffers count down the top 10 albums of the year

It’s a Great Time to Be Watching TV—and a Weird Time to Be Ranking It

The Ringer’s Best Shows of 2018 list is our attempt at presenting a broader picture of the year in TV. But the joy of watching television these days is that everyone can have a different favorite show.

The Best TV Episodes of 2018

From ‘Big Mouth’ to ‘The Bachelor’ and more

The Best Television Shows of 2018

Including ‘Succession,’ ‘Atlanta,’ and eight more shows that everyone (or at least two critics) can agree on

From Teddy Perkins to Tuunbaq: The Year in TV Monsters

2018 was a scary year for television

The 50 Greatest Moments From a Shockingly Great Year at the Movies

From ‘Baby Driver’ to ‘The Boss Baby,’ ‘Logan’ to ‘Logan Lucky,’ ‘Mother!’ to ‘It,’ ‘Jane’ to ‘The Last Jedi,’ 2017 featured more magic in the movies than any time we can remember

Buy or Sell: Which Tech CEOs Will Bounce Back After a Tumultuous 2017?

Russia infiltrated our News Feed, Uber endured a car crash of a year, and Snap sunk after soaring. Comebacks are inevitable. But whose?

The 2017 Culture Awards

Because now more than ever, it’s important to acknowledge the good things (well, and the weird things), here are the movies, music, and TV shows that deserve proper recognition

The Year of the Instant Pot

How a legion of fan evangelists turned the modest kitchen appliance into more than an Amazon marketing coup

Why I Turned to Video Games to Avoid Trump and Twitter This Year

Through gaming, the only medium that invites consumers to exert themselves as crucial agents within the artwork itself, I dissolved the daily stresses that the president inflicts with his executive actions and tweets

The Year Age Stopped Mattering in Sports

From Roger Federer to Tom Brady to Serena Williams, 2017 saw a number of star athletes extend their primes in unprecedented ways. Their lengthy runs of success defy comparison—and may have forever altered our expectations of greatness.

Big-Bang Theory: What the Triple-Double Boom Means for the NBA’s Future

Hint: It matters both more and less than you think

The Best Movies of 2017

Sean Fennessey, Chris Ryan, Amanda Dobbins, and K. Austin Collins look back on the year in film

The Year in Apologies

The 2017 movement to expose sexual abuse and harassment produced a number of high-profile, public apologies. These statements did not solve anything.

The Year in Ringer Podcast Interviews

We’ve interviewed dozens of your favorite athletes, actors, directors, and public figures over the last 12 months

The Worst Collaborations of 2017

From Katy Perry & Migos to J-Law and Darren Aronofsky, there’s been no shortage of catastrophic matchups this year

Which Rap Albums in 2017 Were Good and Which Ones Were Bad?

Two Ringer staffers boil their opinions down to one-word verdicts on releases from Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and Cardi B and the rest of the year’s big hip-hop LPs