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Presenting “Xmas Whatever,” a Song for a Pretty Blah Holiday Season

The latest Ringer original is a journey through the difficulties of getting in the spirit this year

As impossible as it seems, the holidays are nearly here. And like many, we here at The Ringer are finding it difficult to get into the seasonal spirit in 2020. So we wrote a song about it. Allow us to present “Xmas Whatever,” the first single from T.O.M.—that’s the Titans of Music. Written and sung by Ringer Music Show cohost Grace Spelman with music composed by producer Lani Renaldo, “Xmas Whatever” is a journey through trying to celebrate during this strange year. Join Grace as she dresses her cat up, calls her therapist for advice, and tries to make sense of what to do when her favorite holiday feels so blah.

To hear more about the making of the song, listen to this week’s episode of The Ringer Music Show here.

“Xmas Whatever” will be released on Spotify and wherever you get your music this week. You can presave the song to your library here. If you’re inclined to purchase the song, all proceeds will benefit GLITS.

Listen to Grace and cohost Charles Holmes every Tuesday on The Ringer Music Show exclusively on Spotify.