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‘Rookie Midterms’: Trae Young Is an Offensive Triple Threat

In the second installment of our new series from the creator of ‘The Leap,’ we look at the Atlanta Hawks freshman, who may very well be the most offensively talented guard to enter the league since Chris Paul

The first video in J. Kyle Mann’s Rookie Midterms series focused on Dallas Mavericks wunderkind, Luka Doncic. The second installment concerns the player Doncic will likely forever be linked with: Trae Young. The Mavs and Hawks conducted a draft-night swap, with Dallas giving up a protected 2019 first-rounder for the opportunity to pick Luka, and Atlanta picking Young, a point guard out of Oklahoma whose long-range shooting drew comparisons to Steph Curry.

It’s possible this deal was a win-win, and both clubs may have found much-needed franchise players. In this video, Mann breaks down the trajectory of Young’s first season in the NBA, compares him to some of the greatest point guards who have ever played the game, and talks about the parts of his game he needs to improve [*cough* DE-FENSE *cough*].

If you like this Rookie Midterms video, check out Kyle’s other clips at his Dime Drop YouTube channel, as well as his previous work for The Ringer, like The Leap series (as well as some pretty awesome vids on Pascal Siakam and Kemba Walker).