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‘NBA Desktop’: Kyrie Irving Has a BIG Problem With Jamal Murray Going for 50

Plus: Kevin O’Connor on Zion Williamson, Dan Devine on the Wizards, and Craig Gaines on the Kings-Bucks social media spat

Kryie Irving is upset with Jamal Murray attempting a 50 piece on his watch, and he isn’t afraid to let you know. On this episode of NBA Desktop, Jason breaks down how the NBA’s biggest conspiracy theorist now has respect for commonly held basketball norms. Later, Kevin O’Connor joins Jason in THICC WORLD to discuss Zion Williamson’s debut. Also, Dan Devine delivers spice on the Washington Wizards, and The Ringer’s copy chief, Craig Gaines, breaks down the social media spat between the Sacramento Kings and Milwaukee Bucks.

Plus Dwight Howard’s ass.