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A TV Title for Every NBA Team

Coming up on the Ringer Basketball Network, television title sequences for every NBA team

Pacific Division (0:02)

Golden State Warriors — The Golden Girls

Los Angeles Clippers — Survivor

Los Angeles Lakers — The A-Team

Phoenix Suns — America’s Next Top Model

Sacramento Kings — Arrested Development

Northwest Division (3:42)

Denver Nuggets — Impractical Jokers

Minnesota Timberwolves — It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Oklahoma City Thunder — Alias

Portland Trail Blazers — Hannah Montana

Utah Jazz — Spider-Man

Southwest (7:30)

Dallas Mavericks — Dallas

Houston Rockets — Numb3rs

Memphis Grizzlies — The Bad News Bears

New Orleans Pelicans — True Detective

San Antonio Spurs — Friday Night Lights

Atlantic (11:34)

Boston Celtics — Doogie Howser, M.D.

Brooklyn Nets — Brooklyn Nine-Nine

New York Knicks — Sex and the City

Philadelphia 76ers — The Office

Toronto Raptors — The Twilight Zone

Central (14:54)

Chicago Bulls — Family Matters

Cleveland Cavaliers — The Leftovers

Detroit Pistons — Hardcore Pawn

Indiana Pacers — Parks and Recreation

Milwaukee Bucks — Freaks and Geeks

Southeast Division (18:56)

Atlanta Hawks — The Wonder Years

Charlotte Hornets — Walker, Texas Ranger

Miami Heat — CSI: Miami

Orlando Magic — The Inbetweeners

Washington Wizards — House of Cards