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Real NBA Tough Guys vs. Fake NBA Tough Guys w/ Vince Staples and Hannibal Buress

From Draymond Green and Tony Allen to Manu Ginobili and Zaza Pachulia, Vince and Hannibal investigate the NBA’s “toughest” players

This just handed to me: It’s not the ’90s anymore. Guards are not getting leveled whenever they drive the lane. Power forwards shoot 3s, centers hardly exist, guards can’t hand-check, and fighting has been pretty much legislated out of the game. Times are changing, and it’s hard to tell a real tough guy from a fake tough guy. So we asked rapper Vince Staples and comedian Hannibal Buress to help us tell the difference.

Vince and Hannibal run through some of the harder dudes in the league, from Tony Allen ("him and Zach Randolph fight for fun, just to keep each other in shape") to Draymond Green ("Draymond has to punch somebody. It’s his time"), and touch on various other topics like ring-chasing, San Antonio fandom, and the source of Russell Westbrook’s passion. Check out "Real NBA Tough Guys vs. Fake NBA Tough Guys."