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Kobe Bryant Predicted Donald Trump’s Victory

Former teammate Roy Hibbert explains how the Mamba called the 2016 presidential election

As part of The Ringer’s NBA Previewpalooza marathon leading up to NBA tipoff, Roy Hibbert appeared on The Watch podcast live and relayed some information about how former teammate Kobe Bryant called the result of the 2016 presidential election.

“One time, he was telling me that he thinks [Donald] Trump is going to win,” Hibbert said. “And I was like, ‘No way!’”

According to Hibbert, he and Kobe, while members of the Lakers, had a long conversation about politics, among other things, while on the team plane.

“From the flight to L.A. to Philly, we would talk politics,” Hibbert said. “He was very insightful.”

Hibbert said Kobe did not just predict the result, but laid out to Hibbert why Trump would win, even pointing out the states that Hillary Clinton did not visit and how she would lose those, despite Kobe’s wish that she would win. After Trump won, Hibbert received a text from Kobe that simply read, “I told you so.”

For more with Roy Hibbert, watch the full podcast here.