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‘The Great British Bake Off’ Season 13, Episode 1: “Cake Week”

Kate and Amelia celebrate the new season of ‘GBBO’ and ‘Everything Is Cake’

Stacked red velvet cake with whipped cream and blueberries Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Amelia and Kate get together to celebrate the triumphant return of not only The Great British Bake Off but also a new season of Everything Is Cake! They start their conversation by discussing the brand-new contestants and their backstories, particularly Mark, Syabira, Sandro, Dawn, and the mysterious “Mr. Frogington” (2:35). Next they go over this week’s challenges, giving special kudos to Sandro’s and Abdul’s mini sandwich plant bakes for the technical challenge and then salivating over the red velvet cake that won Syabira the signature portion (10:27). They then shift their focus to the showstoppers and ponder what type of cake they would make into a 3-D version of their childhood home (21:39). After the break they hand out their weekly awards for soggiest bottom, most British moment, the best Brit fit, and much more (28:21).

Hosts: Kate Halliwell and Amelia Wedemeyer
Associate Producer: Sasha Ashall
Production Assistance: Chris Sutton