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The Rewatchables 1999

‘The Rewatchables 1999’: ‘The Insider’

Bill Simmons, Chris Ryan, and Sean Fennessey take down Big Tobacco as they rewatch this 1999 drama

‘The Rewatchables 1999’: ‘Notting Hill’

Just two girls recording a podcast asking you to listen as they talk about this classic rom-com

‘The Rewatchables 1999’: ‘Big Daddy’

Bill Simmons, Joe House, and Sean Fennessey join the Scuba Squad as they rewatch the hit comedy

‘The Rewatchables 1999’: ‘Cruel Intentions’

Bill Simmons, Juliet Litman, and Amanda Dobbins take a ride to the Upper East Side in their 1956 Jaguar Roadster to rewatch the 1999 thriller

Introducing ‘The Rewatchables 1999’: ‘American Pie’

For the first 1999-themed ‘Rewatchables,’ Bill, Sean, and Chris discuss how ‘American Pie’ holds up 20 years later