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What Do You Want Out of Vine 2?

It looks like another version of the defunct app is in the works, and we have some ideas

Vine/Ringer illustration

Vine, the looping viral video app that proved brevity is the soul of wit, and was unceremoniously shut down in January, is being reincarnated. Vine founder Dom Hofmann sent this not-so-cryptic tweet this morning announcing the news.

Last week, Hofmann tweeted that he was working on a follow-up to Vine that he would fund as an outside project. We weren’t able to save Vine 1.0 — a failure for all of us, really — but now we will possibly have the chance to make it right. After a collective Ringer brainstorm, here is what we want out of Vine “v2.” — Danny Heifetz

  1. Don’t call it “v2”? — Molly McHugh
  2. I would like exactly the same thing as the old Vine, but with a business model that incentivizes creators to stay and ensures it will not shut down again. — Alyssa Bereznak
  3. It should be the same as Vine but called VVine. And they should make sure there are no Nazis on it! — Kate Knibbs
  4. All I want for Christmas is for Vine v2 to be as similar to the original as (legally) possible. If it’s not broken, please (pleasepleaseplease) don’t fix it. I am keeping my expectations low, though, because I don’t know if the second generation of Viners will be as funny to me. (All of my favorites have either hopped over to YouTube to make mediocre content or went back to being full-time DJs or whatnot. I doubt they’ll come back.) Whatever! Vine back, baby! — Nicole Bae
  5. KEEP THE LOOP. It is the most sacred of all Vine tenets: Keep the surly teens and darling animals and freak skateboard disasters and unexpected bugs looping around and around for eternity. — Claire McNear
  6. More Bird Vines. Give. Me. More. Bird. Vines. (Dog Vines are OK, too.) — Shaker Samman
  7. Vine was perfect. It produced this; I don’t ever want it to change. However, if “v2: The Mighty Vine” is going to add a new feature, I think it should build in something like Instagram’s private collections tool. This way, my Squidward Vines and Jeb Vines can live happily independent of one another, but exist in a place that’s easy to get to when I need them. — Jordan Coley
  8. Keep it short. I need more two-act, six-second masterpieces like this in my life. — Heifetz