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Seth Meyers Targets Harvey Weinstein and Trump in Golden Globes Monologue

The host kicked things off with a round of “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” and by addressing “the elephant not in the room”

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Seth Meyers kicked off this year’s Golden Globes Awards by addressing the topic on everyone’s minds—as he put it, “the elephant not in the room.”

“It’s 2018,” Meyers said, “marijuana is finally allowed, and sexual harassment finally isn’t. Gonna be a good year!”

Meyers wasted no time talking about the recent wave of sexual misconduct allegations that had suddenly made his job as host an unenviable position. “A special hello to other hosts of award shows who are watching me tonight like the first dog they shot into outer space.”

After a joke about Harvey Weinstein dying elicited groans and boos, Meyers moved on to easier targets. He managed to get in some digs at the president, after thanking the Hollywood Foreign Press: “A string of three words that could not have been better designed to infuriate our president,” Meyers cracked. “The only words that could make him angrier would be Hillary Mexico Salad Association.”

Then, in a smart move, Meyers brought his late-night segment “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” to the ceremony to let some famous people get in some shots (as The Ringer’s Andrew Gruttadaro recommended earlier this week). He set up Jessica Chastain, Billy Eichner, Issa Rae, and Hong Chau for jokes that were more appropriate—and funnier—coming from them. Amy Poehler also jumped in on the bit for the night’s first (and likely not last) Call Me by Your Name peach joke.

Finally, Meyers ended his monologue by tipping his hat to the “Time’s Up” initiative. “It’s great that this movement understands that what tarnished our world this year tarnished so many others.” He went on to acknowledge the many crew members in Hollywood who put lifetimes of hard work into the entertainment industry without the same recognition as many of the people in the room. Meyers saluted the women who have organized this movement and said, “I look forward to you leading us into whatever comes next.”