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LeSean McCoy Beat His Son and Dog, Says a Lawsuit Filed by His Ex-Girlfriend

The suit stems from a July incident in which the Buffalo Bills running back’s ex-girlfriend was assaulted and robbed in a home invasion

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On Friday, the ex-girlfriend of LeSean McCoy filed a civil suit against him stemming from a home invasion and assault at the Buffalo Bills running back’s Georgia home in July.

In the suit, Delicia Cordon says that McCoy “intentionally permitted a hazardous condition to exist” at the home, and also named one of his friends‚ Tamarcus Porter, as a defendant. Cordon and another woman were assaulted and robbed at the home on July 10, according to police. McCoy was not present. The lawsuit also alleges that McCoy physically abused his son in 2017.

“The assailant held Plaintiff at gunpoint, struck Plaintiff in the face several times with his firearm, demanded specific articles of jewelry given to plaintiff by McCoy for her birthday in 2016, and indicated that he knew McCoy,” according to the lawsuit.

Before the incident, McCoy had moved in court to evict Cordon from the home.

The lawsuit states that Porter, McCoy’s college teammate at Pitt, would sporadically come and go into the house with McCoy’s permission, and that Porter changed the locks on the doors and deactivated a security camera at the house on June 3. Porter and another of McCoy’s friends, Thomas Williams, installed a new security system and camera at McCoy’s instruction on June 5. Cordon was not provided access to the security system or cameras, and the lawsuit states that the assailant entered “without forcible entry.”

“By changing the security system and preventing Plaintiff’s access thereto, Defendants effectively left Plaintiff and her minor children defenseless in their own home,” according to the lawsuit, which says McCoy is liable for “assault, battery, and emotional distress.”

The lawsuit also alleges that “McCoy would aggressively, physically discipline and beat his young son over minor mistakes that all young children make,” and “exhibit rage and often brutally beat his dog in the presence of plaintiff and her friends” in 2017. It also notes that McCoy “gradually changed his behavior and disciplinary tactics regarding his son as he was approaching court proceedings with his son’s mother.”

The allegations were first posted on Instagram the day of the incident by a friend of Cordon, who shared two photos side-by-side and said that the left photo was her friend the day before the incident, and the right photo was her friend after it. Warning: The photos contain graphic content, and are disturbing.

In July, McCoy called the story false in a note posted to his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He said he had not “had had direct contact with any of the people involved in months.”

The Bills statement in July read, “We have spoken to LeSean and have been in contact with the National Football League. We will continue to gather information.”