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Marcus Mariota Just Threw a Touchdown Pass to … Marcus Mariota

The quarterback completed a pass to himself in one of the weirdest—and coolest—plays in recent playoff memory

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Mariota hadn’t been getting any help from his receivers on Saturday, so he decided to put the Titans in the end zone by himself.

Down 18 points midway through the third quarter and facing third and goal from the Chiefs’ 6-yard line, Mariota scrambled out of the pocket and began sprinting toward the end zone. Just before he crossed the line of scrimmage, he threw a pass that was batted by Chiefs defensive back Darrelle Revis into the hands of … Mariota himself, who then acrobatically dove toward the pylon for the coolest touchdown any quarterback has had in recent playoff history.

The official stat book has Marcus Mariota catching a 6-yard touchdown pass from Marcus Mariota.

A QB has thrown himself a touchdown pass before. In 1997, Vikings quarterback Brad Johnson caught his own pass, also on third and goal, against the Panthers.

The Vikings went on to win that game, but with the Titans down 21-10, Tennessee might actually need two Mariotas to have any chance of beating the Chiefs.