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Oakland Marshawn Lynch Is Just Like the Old Marshawn Lynch

And the NFL is better for it

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Marshawn Lynch had a solid retirement. He rode camels in Egypt, hung out with college football players in Australia, and played bagpipes in Scotland. Oh, and he retained the muscle mass that makes him capable of bowling over a 305-pound Pro Bowl defensive tackle:

This is Beast Mode. This is what running through a mofuckas face looks like.

Lynch didn’t score any touchdowns in the Raiders’ 26-16 victory over the Titans on Sunday. On a first-quarter drive, Oakland opted to throw three passes to Amari Cooper, all of which fell incomplete, instead of giving Lynch the ball. (Sounds familiar.) But he ran for 76 yards and snagged a pass for 16 more, and he got those yards by playing like Marshawn Lynch always has.

Here he is flipping some soon-to-be-trucked Titan two birds:

Lynch also sat during the national anthem, something he said in the preseason that he’s been doing for years.

And of course, he didn’t talk to press for more than the bare minimum amount of time he had to:

All of this goes to say: This was the Marshawn Lynch we know and love, in playing style, personality, and conviction. The NFL was worse without him.