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Michael Lombardi’s Rules of Football

Lombardi dishes out some advice for the Eagles, Cowboys, Titans, Dolphins, Jaguars, and Giants

Rule No. 1: “Don’t bring Bruce Springsteen into this.”

Everyone can see it: The Cowboys need a real head coach.

Rule No. 4: “Bad quarterbacks don’t get better.”

Blake Bortles was named the starter in Jacksonville, but he isn’t the answer for the Jaguars.

Rule No. 6: “Sometimes a shiny new object is just a shiny new object.”

The Titans are a popular sleeper pick; they’ll just be sleeping with the fishes this year.

Rule No. 13: “The sooner you admit your mistake, the better off you’ll be.”

Sorry, Eagles fans, Doug Pederson isn’t the answer in Philly.

Rule No. 22: “Don’t build around a star if he’s not a star anymore.”

Eli Manning is past his prime. The Giants need a new plan.

Rule No. 37: “Sometimes you’re one injury away from being a good playoff team.”

The Ryan Tannehill injury isn’t all bad news in Miami.