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Derek Carr’s Music Career Teaser Trailer Might Be a Head Fake

But it’s probably an indicator of an even stranger side project

David Carr EECU

Derek Carr, the Raiders’ newly minted $125 million man, has taken cues from James Dolan and decided to start a music career in his spare time.

Maybe. Perhaps Carr has been hiding golden pipes from all of us. The bar for singing quarterbacks isn’t too high; Carr certainly can’t be worse than Kirk Cousins or Peyton Manning. While the thought of Carr following up day games with night sets in Vegas is fun, the teaser video is more likely a commercial for Central California’s very own Educational Employees Credit Union.

Here are the outtakes from a 2015 EECU ad featuring Carr and his older brother, former Houston Texans sacrificial lamb David Carr.

For two brothers, the duo does a pretty terrible job of acting out a scene in which they are playing video games together. Granted, the Carrs probably spent a lot more time outdoors playing actual football than playing Madden, but never in the history of mankind has anyone paid out a video game debt with a physical check. It has never happened.

Derek and David have been doing commercials for the company for the last two years. The commercials are the deliciously awkward type of feigned small talk you’d expect from famous athletes endorsing local businesses, but with a little more … creativity.

David Carr EECU

I’m sure David wishes he had those shoulder pads when he was sacked a league-record 76 times in 2002 (which, wonderfully, the old commercials address).

This year, it seems Derek’s father, Rodger, is also getting in on the action for the EECU. (And maybe they’ll do a Honda next? Perhaps we can get a Carr car commercial!)

Coming soon!! Year 3 of the EECU commercials!! #EECU @davidcarr8

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I don’t know how this Carr musical experiment is going to end, but unlike my Ringer colleagues I don’t care how his voice sounds. I just want to see more of Derek Carr miming a flightless bird doing a mating dance.