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Chiefs Cornerback Marcus Peters Ejected Himself After Trying to Make a Flag Disappear

It turns out tossing a flag into the crowd won’t get you thrown out, something Peters figured out once he reached the locker room

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals Photo by/Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters tried to create a loophole for NFL penalties on Sunday:

On a Jets two-point conversion attempt late in the fourth quarter of Chiefs-Jets, a flag was thrown against Kansas City for defensive holding. Peters, enraged, picked up the flag and launched it into the crowd.

First off, that’s a great throw. It’s like a basketball player hurling the ball into the air as the game ends, but instead of a basketball, it’s a yellow sock with beans inside. (And as great as Peters’s toss is, don’t sleep on the ref, who smirks and then retaliates by tossing his hat into the air to replace the lost flag. If only Peters threw the hat into the crowd, too.)

Meanwhile, one Jets fan caught the flag.

That belongs in the NFL souvenir Hall of Fame.

Peters headed to the locker room after being ejected for the incident, except, lol jk, he wasn’t ejected! Everyone assumed he’d get tossed, including Peters, but as he left the field Chiefs employees chased after him to bring him back.

He must have rushed back in a hurry, because he returned without socks.

The Chiefs lost the game 38-31, which will quickly be forgotten because this moment will be immortalized in GIF form for the rest of time.