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DeAndre Hopkins Just Made the Catch of the Year

The Houston star gives Texans fans a reason to tune in every week

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans Photo by Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports

Since Deshaun Watson went down with an ACL injury after Week 8, Houston’s season has been in the toilet, as they’ve lost six of their seven games without him. The 4-10 Texans have been out of the playoff hunt for a while, but the team’s fans still have one megastar they can tune in to watch each week: DeAndre Hopkins.

The Texans have played three quarterbacks this season—T.J. Yates, Tom Savage, and Taylor Heinicke—since Watson went down. These aren’t exactly the types of players that sling the ball all around the gridiron, but Hopkins has been incredible regardless. He came into Week 16 with 1,313 receiving yards (second in the NFL), 92 receptions (tied for fourth), and 12 touchdowns (first). Now, he has the catch of the year:

This grab took all ten fingers, all ten toes, and a Christmas miracle. How did he keep track of the ball in the air? How did he get his toes in? How did he maintain possession? Go watch that play a dozen more times—you’ll never have all the answers.

When Watson returns next season, Houston will not only have playoff hopes, but two of the most exciting offensive players in all of football.