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Ribs, China Klay, and a Yacht: All of the Highlights From Steph Curry’s 30th Birthday Party

The most exciting NBA moments from Monday night didn’t happen on a basketball court

Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Baby-Faced Assassin is turning 30 years old on Wednesday, and to celebrate, his wife Ayesha helped put together a surprise birthday party in San Francisco on Monday night. I don’t even know how to begin describing the events that took place—let’s just say, this party featured more highlights than any Warriors game this season. There were teammates, musicians, awkward dance moves (spoiler: China Klay returned, and man, was it glorious), and so much more. Let’s go over some of the best moments from Steph’s birthday bash:

Steph made a grand entrance to his big night by rolling up in a yacht:

Kevin Durant was in attendance, and if he ever chooses to revisit his rap career, I think he’s found his mixtape cover:

Happy steph year, 30 clip

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The most iconic Warriors duo (no, not the Splash Brothers) continued to make its case for a movie deal:

Surprise!!! @stephencurry30

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Steph’s family all made it as well, including Granny and the kids:


It wouldn’t be a true party in the Bay without E-40, and what better way to enjoy a rap legend than by sitting beside him on stage with a pile of ribs in hand:

Klay Thompson brought back the dance moves, but thankfully left his 360-dunk attempts back in China:

It seemed like most of the squad got up on stage to vibe to Migos together, including assistant coach Mike Brown, and yes, your eyes are not deceiving you: Steve Kerr. Feast upon the 2015-16 Coach of the Year’s terribly awkward, but very endearing dance moves—who knows if we’ll ever see them again:

Paramore stopped by to serenade Steph with some birthday wishes and a performance:

While the Rockets spent the night fighting to hold the 1-seed in the playoffs, the Warriors were inducing practice-cancelling hangovers:

Happy birthday to the 30-years-young point god. I hope Steph took it easy on his ankles on the dance floor (I know China Klay sure as hell didn’t).