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Presenting the Debut Episode of ‘This Is Buss’

Basketball is real. Basketball is love. Basketball is … life.

The NBA features enough drama to supply a prestige television show with the necessary material for a 10-episode run. So The Ringer decided to put this to the test by creating This Is Buss, the emotional and heartwarming story of a family whose entire world revolves around the NBA.

In this episode, Nnamdi, a Warriors fan, has recently proposed to Sarah, a Lakers fan. But when Nnamdi goes to a family gathering at Sarah’s father’s house, tragedy strikes. Plus, Bill copes with having to dish out takes alone, while his son, Chris, struggles to come to terms with his status as a blogger who’s “a fan of players and not teams.” Bill’s other son, Tyler, continues battling his troubling addiction to RINGZ.

Will the family make it through the day in one piece? Will Luke Walton make it through the 2018-19 season? Will the Knicks ever field a good basketball team? Will Netflix give us a call?

Find out this week, only on … This Is Buss.