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29 Questions About the Cover of Harry Styles’s New Album, ‘Fine Line’

Is this a sex thing? Totally fine if it is, just wanna know in advance.

Harry Styles/Getty Images/Ringer illustration

Styles stans, our national nightmare is nearly over.

Harry Styles released the first official look at his second album today, with a tweet revealing the name, release date, and cover art. The album is called Fine Line, it will be released on December 13 (a.k.a. not soon enough), and, well, I don’t exactly know how to describe the cover art:

I have a lot of questions about this. Let’s just dive in.

1. What is that freaky leather hand in the corner?

2. Is this a sex thing? (It’s OK if it is a sex thing; I just want to know going in that that’s the intended vibe.)

3. Is the hand supposed to be the viewer’s hand?

4. If so, couldn’t we have done without the leather gloves? Give us some credit, Harold.

5. Is this a spin on that cheesy Pinterest pose where someone is holding the photographer’s hand?

6. Only this time it’s creepy?

7. Where does this image take place?

8. Is Harry Styles living inside someone’s mouth, like Jonah from the Bible?

9. Is it supposed to look like a JCPenney Portrait Studio? Because it doesn’t not look like a JCPenney Portrait Studio.

10. Why does this remind me of all the boring school pictures I took because my mom didn’t want to pay extra for a fun backdrop?

11. Did Harry’s mom let him take school pictures with a fun backdrop? (Answer: yes.)

12. Did Harry choose Tim Walker as his album photographer because he was responsible for the most deranged celebrity photoshoot in recent history, pictured below?

Tim Walker for W Magazine

13. What did Elizabeth Debicki do to Tim Walker? (Forgive the tangent, but I have to know.)

14. Will I ever love anything as much as this photographer appears to love a good fish-eye lens?

15. Is Harry’s one giant cowlick purposeful or accidental?

16. If it’s purposeful, what kind of hair products were used to defy gravity like that?

17. Or does Harry’s hair just have magical powers, and it does shit like that on its own?

18. Do Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet share hair product recommendations?

19. Why aren’t there enough buttons on Harry’s shirt?

20. Why are there so many buttons on his pants?

21. Does Harry Styles know how buttons work?

22. Is Harry Styles going to single-handedly bring back wide-leg pants?

23. Is he just making up for six years of being crammed into skinny jeans in One Direction?

24. Who told Harry that the crotch-first pose was the way to sell this album? (They’re right, I just need to know who to thank.)

25. Fine Line is dropping on December 13—did Harry purposefully choose to release this on Taylor Swift’s 30th birthday?

26. Is this supreme shade, or an oversight of massive proportions?

27. Between this art and the SNL announcement about Harry’s hosting, are light pink and light blue his official colors for this comeback? (It’s probably a coincidence, but his Twitter feed right now looks like a baby shower.)

28. Is Harry Styles going to make millennial pink good again?

29. Is Harry Styles going to make pop music good again?