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Ryan Adams Is Mad at the Strokes and Just Got Around to Tweeting About It

It’s almost like 2003 again!

A quick history of recent events pertaining to rock stars you loved in the early aughts: In May, Vulture published an excerpt of Lizzy Goodman’s early-2000s rock history, Meet Me in the Bathroom, named for a song off the Strokes’ 2003 album, Room on Fire. In the passage, members of the Strokes suggested that Ryan Adams influenced Albert Hammond Jr.’s drug use. Adams denied the claim in the book — “I didn’t do drugs socially, and I don’t remember doing drugs with Albert ever” — and then mostly avoided comment on the story, or the Strokes in general.

That changed Monday afternoon. First, he went after Hammond Jr., who Adams previously called a friend.

Then it was Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas, who earned multiple angry tweets.

Then Adams began to respond to hecklers, while still mocking Casablancas:

And then he sent out one more for the whole group:

The timing of Adams’s outburst is … puzzling, since the book came out over two months ago and the feud in question dates back more than a decade. Is it possible that Adams just got around to reading his copy of the book? Or maybe he was responding to recent quotes from Hammond Jr. and Casablancas about new music? Or maybe he saw that the Killers were asked about their rivalry with the Strokes on Tuesday (though Adams wasn’t mentioned), and just wanted in on the festivities. In any case, it’s apparently 2003 again, but with Twitter! Stay tuned for more barbs from guys in their late 30s and early 40s with hairdos from their 20s still debating events that happened more than a decade ago.