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Forty Questions About Gal Gadot’s Celebrity-Filled “Imagine” Video

Wonder Woman got Mark Ruffalo, Sia, Will Ferrell, Amy Adams, and more to sing John Lennon, and while the video doesn’t help per se, it does give us a moment of distraction to do what we love: joke about celebrities

Millions around the world are stuck at home social distancing in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. Like many of us, celebrities have turned their boredom into content. Led by Gal Gadot, a random group of well-intentioned but perhaps slightly tone-deaf celebs assembled to sing John Lennon’s “Imagine” in an attempt to … raise spirits, I guess? Granted, donating money would be better (and, to be fair, some have), but they tried to help, and in a way they did. While their performance isn’t doing much to actually cure the virus, it gives us a minute of escape to do the thing we all love so much: laugh at celebrities.

I have a lot of questions about the creation of this video. Please allow me a minute of distraction to run through the things I must know about how this came together.

1. Who are all the people who ignored Gal’s request to do this?

2. Chris Pine, Gal’s Wonder Woman costar, definitely got the text—what excuse did he use to get out of it?

3. Do you think Chris Pine is wearing a caftan right now?

4. Gal says she drew inspiration from a video of “an Italian guy playing the trumpet on his balcony.” Do we think this is the only viral Italian video she saw, or did she fall for one of those other edits like Katy Perry and Cher did?

5. Did Gal purposely pick a song in her vocal range?

6. What songs were in consideration before she went with “Imagine”?

7. Did Kristen Wiig choose a broad-brimmed hat as a fashion statement specifically for this video, or is she just walking around her mansion in a hat for no particular reason?

8. Why is Jamie Dornan emoting more here than in any of his acting roles?

9. Labrinth is in a car—where are you going, Labrinth??? Stay inside!

10. How psyched was James Marsden to get this text?

11. Did Gal burn through all of the Chrises first before asking James? Or were the Marvel Chrises ineligible due to her DC allegiance?

12. James’s hair looks pretty shaggy—will he be forced to go full mullet before he can finally get a haircut?

13. Sarah Silverman’s goofy vocal run was actually pretty good, but can we get a cut with everyone else attempting that part?

14. Who is Eddie Benjamin?

15. Does Jimmy Fallon really wear his hairpiece at home, or did he put it back on for the purposes of this video?

16. Are Natalie Portman and all these other celebs filming outside so that we don’t see their million-dollar mansions in the background and resent them even more than we already do?

17. How many celebs, Zoe Kravitz included, were like “Okay Gal, I’ll do it, but I’m not putting on a bra for this shit”? (Relatable!)

18. Is that what Sia looks like???

19. Sia, where did you get your glasses?

20. Why isn’t Sia’s bathroom nicer than mine?

21. Did anyone in this video commit harder than Lynda Carter? (No.)

22. Does Amy Adams, an actual singer, feel like she deserved at least one more line here?

23. Leslie Odom Jr. has two lines—did he get more because Lin-Manuel Miranda passed?

24. Has Lin-Manuel Miranda ever passed on anything?

25. Upon seeing Pedro Pascal’s face, I must ask again: Why did The Mandalorian think the people didn’t need to see this even once?

26. Again, how many Chrises passed before Chris O’Dowd made the cut? (No shade to Chris O’Dowd! An elite Chris!)

27. As asked by Cait Raft on Twitter, is Will Ferrell shooting this video from the $9.9 million mansion he bought from Ellen Degeneres? Just wondering!

28. Is there a hairbrush anywhere in said mansion? (Looks like no!)

29. Why was Mark Ruffalo fully horizontal for this?

30. Do Mark Ruffalo and Sia buy their glasses from the same place?

31. How do I learn every single thing about Norah Jones’s dog right this minute?

32. Did Cara Delevingne, Ashley Benson, and Kaia Gerber think this was a TikTok video?

33. How relieved is Kaia Gerber that she broke off the Pete Davidson thing before this all went down?

34. Can you imagine being quarantined with Pete Davidson?

35. Did Kristen Wiig get Annie Mumolo in here, or is there a non-Bridesmaids connection I don’t know about?

36. What in the world is happening with the curtain situation in Maya Rudolph’s house?

37. Why does it remind me of the Twin Peaks Red Room?

38. How did Gal Gadot’s necklace flip all the way around between the beginning and end of this video?

39. Did everyone just record one line, or does Gal have a phone full of celebrities singing the entirety of “Imagine”?

40. Where does this rank in the Meaningless Celebrity Gesture Hall of Fame among Hands Across America, “We Are the World,” “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” and the 2001 cover of “What’s Going On”?