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The Second Trailer for ‘El Camino’ Is Deliciously Mysterious

After a clip that focuses solely on a scared and scarred Jesse Pinkman, we know little more about the upcoming ‘Breaking Bad’ movie. But that’s a good thing.

As promised, Netflix released another trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, the highly awaited sequel to—you guessed it—Breaking Bad during the tail end of the Emmy Awards. The Emmys trailer was a moment foreshadowed by an El Camino feature in The Hollywood Reporter published on Wednesday, which included quotes from series creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul about the new film and the immense secrecy behind its production in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Of course, because a sequel to one of the biggest shows of the century is a huge deal, Gilligan and Paul declined to provide a ton of information about the project—disclosing the bare minimum about the plot and where Jesse Pinkman is headed after the massacre of the neo-Nazis that also claimed Walt’s life while driving off with a new lease on life. That lack of information was, itself, the perfect bit of foreshadowing for Sunday night, as the second trailer for El Camino is just as sparse as the first one, which features Skinny Pete in an interrogation room.

The entire one-minute trailer focuses on Jesse sitting in an El Camino in the middle of the desert, listening to radio reports about the carnage he left after Walt sprung him from his neo-Nazi imprisonment. The two El Camino trailers aren’t providing anything new—if they’re offering much of anything at all—but the clandestine behavior around the new footage is better than the alternative.

Just speaking as one Breaking Bad fanboy, I’d rather know as little as possible about El Camino going into the film’s release. When there are pop culture bloggers capable of breaking down trailer footage second by second—as we frequently do here at The Ringer—it’s better for Gilligan and Netflix to err on the side of caution. If you’re a Breaking Bad fan and already hyped about El Camino, the lack of detail won’t deter you from watching the film.

Disappointing as this trailer may be for its lack of exciting new footage, it’s going to be all the more rewarding when El Camino drops in October and we’ll finally be privy to the movie in all its glory. Will El Camino overlap with Better Call Saul’s flash-forwards at all—where the man formerly known as Saul Goodman is working at a Cinnabon in Nebraska? Who are the “more than ten” characters from the Breaking Bad universe that are going to appear in El Camino, per the Hollywood Reporter feature? Heck, are there even 10 Breaking Bad characters who are alive at the end of the fifth season? These are questions I’m more than willing to wait for answers on. El Camino is less than a month away—at which point, we can all shout a collective, “Yeah, bitch!”